More Americans than ever urged to get flu shots

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The vaccine machine rolls out heavily this week with a massive effort to see that as many Americans as possible receive flu vaccinations. Recommendations from government health officials and those in line to profit from this flu season’s vaccination efforts is coming on strong with media blasts scheduled to appear online, in print, and on television. I predict this is going to be one hell of a season for the flu and human flu vaccination.

Big Pharma and the Medical Cartel(photo: back of chiropractic t-shirt) The 2007 flu vaccination program pretty much sucked. I assume vaccine manufacturers still made a handsome profit since there was plenty of the stuff sold, with much of it subsidized by US taxpayer dollars. But the product was reportedly a failure with the vaccine supposedly not being effective for the strains of flu that spread across the nation.

There’s gotta be a number of Americans thinking they got scammed by waiting in line to get a flu shot last year and still getting the flu. How many people do you recall saying “I got the shot, I have no idea why I got this sick.” Will they stand in line again this time around? The way I see it, that leaves a reputation management issue for makers of flu vaccine and government health officials, they’ve got to convince Americans now more than ever that this year is different, and it’s time to get the shot.

Interestingly, just like every flu season, we apparently don’t know if the dose will be effective or not. If masses of people decide not to get flu immunizations and there is a large outbreak, officials and manufacturers will likely blame people for not protecting the herd. If that same mass of folks gets the flu shot and there is still a ginormous outbreak, we’ll probably be told that the vaccine was once again not effective for the particular strain that infected the population. Then there’s the scenario where Americans forgo getting vaccinations for themselves and family and we have a mild flu season. In a scenario like that vaccine manufacturers are screwed, and anti-vaccination zealots would have a field day. But I don’t think manufacturers much to worry about.

Makers of flu vaccine have one thing going for them that should guarantee massive profits… we are a sick nation. Not only does America rank terribly, when compared to other nations on our overall level of wellness, we are about to face a double (or even a triple) whammy that will likely result in many compromised immune systems throughout the nation.

First off October marks Halloween season which means lots and lots of candy. Who ingests the most candy during Halloween season? My suspicions are it’s the children. These same children are the largest carriers of flu virus and they are largely responsible for the spreading of influenza. Now, parents could limit the amount of sugar and candy intake kids are getting this season, and make efforts to see that their children’s immune systems are functioning to the best of their ability. Call me a cynic but I doubt that’s going to be happening for the majority of Americas kids.

Another thing going on is the massive nationwide stress related to what’s occurring in our nation’s financial markets. Normally healthy Americans have already significantly reduced their immune function with all the stress that’s taking place in our nation monetarily. It may be totally anecdotal, but as a chiropractor I’ve noticed more than a few individuals showing physical manifestation of increased stress as a result of what’s taking place in the world of finance. I’ve been recommending more than ever to turn off the television.

The third whammy is that someone is going to lose the presidential election. There is much talk about winning but what happens when either John McCain or Barack Obama lose this year’s presidential election? There’s going to be a lot of stressed out people. My instinct says that if John McCain loses this year’s presidential election they’ll be some stressed out folks, but not as many as if Senator Barack Obama loses. A loss for Obama is going to be majorly stressful for a whole lot of people that are hoping his vision of change gets him to the White House.

So on November 4, 2008, while you’re sitting there watching your television and consuming leftover candy from the Friday before, don’t forget that it’s what’s inside of you that counts. Just like you have a choice to vote, the choice to be healthier is yours to make. Choose wisely! @ 1:46 pm | Article ID: 1222375613