New Chiropractic Adventures of Old Christine

by Daria Belov

Monday night was chiropractic night on major television networks in the United States. The evening started out at 8 p.m. prime time on the CW Network (KTLA in Los Angeles) with Everybody Hates Chris and a repeat episode titled: Everybody Hates Thanksgiving (originally aired on November 20, 2006). The episode features Wayne Brady in his role as Uncle Louis, the chiropractor. Everyone is happy to see Uncle Louis and the entire family gets adjusted before having Thanksgiving dinner. 8:30 p.m. we change stations to CBS (channel 2 in Los Angeles) for a repeat episode of the New Adventures of Old Christine.

Julia-Louis-Dreyfus - chiropracticThe New Adventures of Old Christine features Emmy Award winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld), in a comedy about a single mom who is an owner of a 30 minute workout gym. Julia’s character on the show is Christine Campbell, a Mar Vista resident having a new adventure every day.

The episode is known as Sleepless in Mar Vista, and it was episode 15 of season 2. The episode originally aired on March 12, 2007. In the episode some funny jokes are made about sleeping pills, as Christine makes a number of embarrassing phone calls she doesn’t remember making after taking prescription sleep medication.

Early in the show Christine pays a visit to her chiropractor, Dr. Mike, after not being able to get a good night sleep. He adjusts her neck while she is lying face up, and then he has her lay on her stomach and adjusts her mid back and lower back. During the adjustments she utters some strong words of gratitude that are fitting for her character. The role of Dr. Mike was played by Tim Bagley. Tim was a regular on the popular CBS TV show The King of Queens, which ended this year after nine successful seasons.

In what must be a total coincidence, doing a Google search for “Dr. Mike Mar Vista” brings up the chiropractic website of Michael Dorausch (founder / creator of Planet Chiropractic). In an even greater coincidence, Dr. Mike’s Mar Vista chiropractic office is located next door to a 30 minute woman’s workout gym (Curves) which is owned by a single mom.

The New Adventures of Old Christine is directed by Andy Ackerman and writers include Danielle Evenson and Allan Rice. The show is absolutely fantastic. The writers provide great material and the cast is delightfully funny and entertaining.

This wouldn’t be the first time Julia Louis-Dreyfus has been seen on television receiving chiropractic care. Chiropractic has been featured several times on the hit series Seinfeld. There have been episodes when Julia (playing the role of Elaine Benes) received house calls from a chiropractor after sleeping on a bad bed. While it’s nice that an image was made that chiropractors still make house calls, the reality is that it’s much easier than bringing the entire cast and local 44 onto a location shoot.

At 9 p.m. CBS broadcast 2 1/2 men, a show featuring Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer. On the show Jon plays the role of Alan Harper, chiropractor. During the commercial breaks CBS aired previews for the summer film titled Chuck & Larry, featuring Adam Sandler and Kevin James (from the King of Queens). What involvement do they have with chiropractic? You may have to check back soon to find out.

Just another night of chiropractic featured on network television. We’ll be back with more news on The New Adventures of Old Christine, Everybody Hates Chris, Seinfeld, the King of Queens, and other shows featuring funny scenarios including chiropractic. Like your chiropractic adjustment… to be continued.

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