A Thank You From Arnold Schwarzenegger

By Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dear Michael,

Since October 7th, I have been focused on putting together a new government, a government which will reflect our views and values. Before I go further, I want to take this moment to thank you for your support during this unprecedented election.

You heard me say throughout the campaign that this movement was bigger than me. The support of you and thousands like you who became involved in our effort to bring California back, were key to making this campaign such a success.

It was very apparent to me on the campaign trail, that my supporters had taken vast amounts of their personal time to reach out to others on behalf of the recall and my bid for Governor. I am especially gratified that our efforts brought voters back into the process who had for too long stayed on the sidelines.

This election showed that the will of the people is far more powerful than the special interests. Please accept my thanks for all that you did to contribute to our victory.

I look forward to serving you as California’s next Governor.

Warmest Regards,
Arnold Schwarzenegger

– – – – – – – – – –
Editors Note: Thank you to all Chiropractors and Californians that supported Arnold for Governor of California.

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