Use Common Sense When Buying and Selling Online

by Daria Belov

Whether you’re seeking to purchase a used Macbook Pro from an online auction website or seeking to sell a Lloyd chiropractic adjusting table on Planet Chiropractic classified ad system, it’s advisable that you follow basic rules of common sense and keep a wary eye for deals that appear to be too good to be true.

Over the weekend I came across a post on some site about not being able to safely purchase laptops online any longer. The author was sharing their frustration with the reality that scammers exist on both sides of the classifieds or auction equation. Those selling items like laptop computers have to watch out for scammers offering phony bank checks, Western Union wire transfers, forged money orders, and an array of other approaches intended to relieve someone from their merchandise without actually paying for it.

Those on the buying side must be equally wary when planning to make purchases from online auction and classified ad websites. Is the item being sold the same as the one being described in the advertisement? This area can get particularly tricky when it comes to items like computers and computer parts.

gold Atlas bracelet with diamondsMore specifically to a website like Planet Chiropractic would be the buying or selling of something like the item shown here. Many chiropractors would love to own a bracelet made out of molded gold Atlas vertebrae and diamonds. An item like this could be quite expensive. Just as you would do when purchasing a laptop from a stranger, I’d recommend doing your research on a seller before making such a purchase.

Whether you’re getting information about Chiropractic Jobs, practices for sale, purchasing surface EMG thermography units, or even nervo-scopes, it’s best to use common sense and do your homework before buying or selling.

It is recommended you deal locally whenever possible. When it’s not possible to meet face to face see what other information you can gather about each other. Chiropractors should have no problem sharing information such as where they went to school, where they practice, and their office contact information. That would at least help both parties better get an understanding as to who they are doing business with. Why would a non-chiropractor want to purchase a nervoscope or thermography item anyway? Same goes for equipment such as adjusting tables, and radiological equipment.

So, use common sense when buying or selling online (regardless of the website). Watch out for Scams and activity that may appear fraudulent. We’ve collected actual e-mail attempts and have shared them online so that others can learn what to watch out for.

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