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Business Card Karma May 2008

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I was cleaning my home office desk on Sunday and noticed an abundance of business cards have piled up from various conferences and events I’ve been attending during the past three weeks. I picked up about one hundred business cards from chiropractors attending the DCS California Jam in Orange County. I was handed a couple dozen business cards while at Barcamp San Diego last weekend. I got cards at the Santa Monica Mixergy event, and I picked up a few more cards at the after-hours Tweetup Meetup in the Viceroy hotel. What to do with all these business cards?

business cards from chiropractors and marketers

I like to begin the week with an organized desk but I’ve been traveling the past couple of weekends. The Sunday task took a little bit longer than normal. Chiropractors hand me business cards all the time. I’m beginning to think this is an inefficient way to collect chiropractic office data. I mentioned last week that chiropractors should be posting their office information to the comments of this blog post so that my staff can collect the data and get it added to the appropriate local chiropractic directory. I’ll keep chiropractor business cards for a while, but I will likely begin discarding them at some point in the near future.

Business cards from online marketers, search engine folk, and other people doing activities that involve an active online community, are going into a separate pile. I’ve been organizing these in mixed categories. I received a card from Jonathan Lieberman, the CEO for a company called Deal Locker, (oodles of free online coupons) when I was in La Jolla last weekend. Great website resource, definitely a card worth saving.

I noticed I had a card at the top of the stack for Tamar Weinberg of and I remembered it was there because I’ve been collecting some more Schwag for her. Tamar is a fantastic person and she’s quite a connector of people in the online social space. Great person to know.

I had two cards from Dr. Russell Kun of Evergreen Chiropractic Center. Got one from him while in Las Vegas at the roundtable, and then again in Orange County, California at the DCS CalJam. Dr. Russell recently moved to Seattle from Northern California and we’d like to send him some new clients.

I’m also had a card on my desk since attending SMX West. It is the card of John Carcutt, president of Applied SEO. I’ve been meaning to steal borrow the design on the back of his business card. My next search marketing related card will include my Digg profile, Twitter profile, Facebook ID, Linkin URL, and a few others. John is a super smart guy and I at least know him an In-n-Out Burger for applying his card design to mine. They will come in handy for our search marketing intensive events in Los Angeles.

So what would you suggest I do with all of these business cards? Throw them all up on the blog with links? Toss them in the trash? Wallpaper my walls with them? Hand them out as my own?



  1. That’s a problem that I want Mixergy invitations to solve. Why should every guest come home from an event deal with a pocket of paper cards? If you want to reconnect with people you met, you should be able to go back to the invitation and grab their contact info.

  2. Exactly Andrew, I think you have a great idea and Mixergy is a spectacular platform. I would love to see the local los angeles tech community get involved and get behind what you’re doing. I’d also love to see my own industry build up some greater cohesiveness in the space of online social networking.

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