2008 Small Business SEMMY Nominee

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’ve been nominated for a 2008 small-business SEMMY award!

2008 SEMMY NomineeThe nomination came as the result of my November 29 post on 23 surefire small-business marketing tips for 2008. These tips didn’t come from me needing to create a blog post for the day, they are the result of nearly 7 years of small-business marketing research that was utilized in my Los Angeles chiropractic office.

I believe the person most likely responsible for the post receiving recognition is Matt McGee, the host of Small Business SEM, an exceptionally information filled blog for small businesses that want to compete and succeed on their own terms and budgets. Thank you Matt.

My post is in the award category of all 2008 nominees for small business, and I face some pretty steep competition. There are 24 articles that have been nominated for the Semmy Award small-business category, and all are deserving of their nomination.

The category features articles from internet blogging heavyweights such as Barry Schwartz, Stoney deGeyter, and Lee Odden. Judges Rae Hoffman, Todd Malicoat, and Andrew Shotland certainly have their work cut out for them and I hope they don’t lose too much sleep in making their final decisions.

Thanks to everyone who’s offered positive words on the post, I’m glad I shared it and I wish you all the best of success in 2008!

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  1. It’s a great article, Michael, and I hope it does well with the judges this week. 🙂

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