Montel Williams Gives Upper Cervical Chiropractic Testimonial

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Chiropractic care for multiple sclerosis? Montel Williams recently gave a testimonial for a specific upper cervical chiropractic technique during his Montel show, which aired on the Fox network.

Montel Williams chiropractic testimonialThe following is transcribed from the television broadcast: I’m not certain because I haven’t done the scientific research on it to know if this can work for everybody else out there, but I want to tell you I suffer from MS (multiple sclerosis), I have extreme neuralgic pain in the lower extremities, I’m in pain 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year, and then I go to see this doctor, I’ve had pain in my feet, I’ve struggled with my balance, so Dr. Erica set me to see a man who I will tell you now, 12 days ago… and there’s not a person that knows me who will not confirm this, if you just ask them, everybody who sees me, I am walking differently, my pain is less, I have already regained strength in my left leg, my left leg has dropped because I found out that my pelvis was tilted, it’s dropped back down, they are now the same length, it’s the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me, take a look at this…

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The video features Dr. Patrick Kerr, a Life Chiropractic College graduate practicing in New York, NY. Dr. Kerr has undergone extensive postgraduate training in the Atlas Orthogonal method, receiving his board certification as an Atlas Orthogonist (B.C.A.O.) from the Roy Sweat Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia.

“The goal of all chiropractic care is to reduce pressure on the nerves, thereby allowing the body to function normally — without pain. Atlas Orthogonal delivers this result with the least intrusion and treatment time — and with the greatest success.” – Patrick E. Kerr, D.C., B.C.A.O.

The other doctor appearing in the video, sitting between chiropractor Patrick Kerr and Montel Williams, is Dr. Erika Schwartz, an internationally recognized physician and patient advocate with more than 31 years of clinical experience. Dr. Erika is an expert in conventional and integrative medicine, and she recommends Dr. Patrick Kerr and his Atlas adjusting instrument.

Montel is most popular for his role as the host of The Montel Williams Show, which is distributed daily by CBS Television in a one-hour, nationally syndicated talk show. He is also an accomplished author who has published six books to date. His autobiography, “Climbing Higher,” was published in January 2004, and it became a New York Times bestseller. In the book he goes into great detail of his struggle with Multiple Sclerosis and he discusses important issues such as the use of medical marijuana and the cost of state-of-the-art drugs.

You can learn more about Montel Williams on his Montel Show website. Chiropractors, as well as chiropractic patients, may want to e-mail Montel to express their gratitude or share their testimonials about chiropractic care. @ 9:34 pm | Article ID: 1200461686