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Coming Forth with New and Productive Ideas

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I love affirmations. I’ve been reading affirmations every morning, midafternoon, and evening, for as long as I can remember. This past weekend I was in Las Vegas attending a roundtable and chiropractic conference when someone handed me a motivational card with an affirmation on the front, and business related information on the back. Let’s take a look…

my creative mind will come forth

The card reads My creative mind will come forth with new and productive ideas.

The bottom of the card reads Say 108x out loud. (3x — 3x a day)

This isn’t the size of an ordinary business card, it measures about 2.5″ x 5″ and there’s printing on both sides. The back of the card has information about the company that produced them (MoChihChu – Moving Forward without Hesitation) along with their business address, phone number, fax number, and web site URL. Let’s take a look at the back (or the front depending on how you view this card).

moving forward without hesitation

I love receiving stuff like this, especially when I’m traveling. It’s easy to sit down in a hotel room and read… My creative mind will come forth with new and productive ideas. If you’ve never done it before, sit down and say that out loud 108 times. Get yourself in a comfortable position and maybe use something to help you keep track of how many repetitions you’ve done.

I’ve talked about postcards before, as well as postcard marketing. There have also been posts related to wellness gold card business cards. While the card showed above could be made into a business card, I particularly liked it being the size it is. it’s not quite as big as a postcard, but more than twice the size of a business card.

Handing out one of these cards (or four of these cards) to each client coming in your doors could easily be added to my list of 23 surefire small-business marketing tips for the 2008 season. This idea certainly isn’t just for chiropractors.

Read the front of the card again. My creative mind will come forth with new and productive ideas. Who wouldn’t want to be thinking that on a daily basis? Who wants to be less productive, less creative, and becoming stagnant? I could think of dozens of situations where a card like this would work well, especially if you’re in an industry that’s not already used to receiving information like this. This stuff comes natural to chiropractors, we’ve talked affirmations and metaphysics for a hundred plus years.

Have an affirmation you like to read aloud daily?


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