Denver Chiropractor Postcards Marketing Genius

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

All kinds of service industry businesses have companies that provide generic postcard templates covering a variety of topics. For example, in the profession of chiropractic, there are a number of companies that offer generic postcards with pictures of spines, pictures of hands, licensed cartoon characters endorsing chiropractic, motivational messages, and such. Many of these same companies also provide similar postcards to the industries of massage, dentistry, physical therapy, orthopedics, and others. Often times the images on the postcards are the same, and only the name of the profession is changed. A cartoon drawing of Bugs Bunny with a balloon statement that you missed your last appointment is an example of a typical recall postcard used in nearly every field of health care. While postcards have proved to be an effective method of keeping in touch with practice members the idea of using a generic card can get stale quickly.

Fortunately there are folks like mega-superstar Denver Chiropractor Dr. Steve Visentin of Care Chiropractic, in Colorado. Dr. Steve (known to many in his community as Dr. V) creates his own postcards and they are rather exciting. I caught up with him recently at a conference in Phoenix and persuaded him to provide me with a few of his latest postcards so I can share them with you.

Colorado Denver chiropractor postcardThere’s nothing ordinary about this postcard. It’s full of excitement just like Dr. V. is. You may think he paid to have some expensive background created just for his postcard but his is actually standing in his chiropractic office with a young and excited chiropractic member of his practice. You can’t see it clearly in this photo but the sign to the left reads “drug-free zone” along with the statement “healing is always an inside job.”The headline simply reads “breathing easier” and on the back of the card (not shown) is a chiropractic care testimonial from the young man’s mom. This is just one of dozens of postcards I’ve collected from Dr. Visentin, and they’re all spectacular. It takes extra work creating your own marketing materials but it’s well worth it. The Care Chiropractic office in Denver is home to many that choose chiropractic as their primary form of health care. Every time I see this guy he’s excited about what he’s doing. I love chiropractors like that!