Pushing 50 Years of Chiropractic

By James Sigafoose, Chiropractor

In 2 years I will have been a chiropractor for 50 years. Have I seen and learned anything? Yes, I found new chiropractors are fat already, lack motivation, and are willing to do whatever it takes to make a buck. That means treating symptoms, and or disease any way you can, with whatever seems to be popular.

Sigafoose Parker Seminars 2001

I remember several years ago when I was still invited to Palmer homecomings, I was invited to a lunch in the mansion, with 50 year practitioners. I gave a talk about philosophy, and afterwards many men came to me and were crying, with passion, and they still adjusted only and at one place, only, and were still excited and happy.

I believe in 5-10 years, we will either be a proud profession, or a broken one, as we attempt to be more like a medical doctor and less like a chiropractor. Some think we should duplicate failure, and be accepted as a medical person, a few oppose that notion and adjust only to correct subluxation. One is right the other wrong, or both are wrong, but they aren’t both correct. I practiced using ultra sound, galvanic current, traction, acupuncture, casting extremities, infra red, DMSO, and prescribed a few drugs, which my neighbor the druggist filled, and I could go to the hospital and play doctor.

I was broke, lost a child, and was miserable. Then I heard the philosophy and knew that’s what I was looking for, and went from failure to 400 and 500 visits per day. My dad talked me into being what I am today, and he being a student of medicine, indoctrinated me as a very young child, but National college didn’t teach me chiropractic, it taught me to be a pseudo medical doctor. I gave all that up and succeeded in being a fundamental chiropractor, and I still believe that way and teach that way, and will do so till I die.

So if chiropractic is to survive its up to you, if therapy is to usurp chiropractic, that is up to you. If chiropractic is no more, but ends up being a form of medicine, that is up to you. There are many lives saved by the use of drugs and surgery, many lives lost due to the same thing. I would depend on first aid when necessary, and chiropractic and nutrition for health and healing. But a word of caution, I am not a nutritionist, so I would refer those that need and want guidance in that department. It’s your future, your game, I still teach and believe in the correction of subluxation, and depend on God or innate to do the works. Our future is up to you. My future is short lived compared to yours, and I need your help in sharing with as many as possible the truth about our chiropractic, for the welfare of our profession, and all the generations that will need same.

Thank you, thank you very much.

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