CCE & FCLB, Some New Info

By Tim Langley, D.C.

Well. Well. Well. Now that the only real opposition to academic oppression in the chiropractic profession been removed, the CCE seems prepared to take over the continuing education of chiropractors. In its latest news release, the FCLB ( announces a major initiative into the takeover of continuing education in the chiropractic profession with the help of CCE. Since this is a combined effort between the CCE and FCLB, it can only be assumed that the entire profession can eventually expect a purging of instruction (and instructors) of chiropractic principles and procedures ala CCE vs. LUCC. I thought FCLB was a non-profit entity. Check out those fees!

It should be noted that in less than one year, CCE has dissolved (seemingly in violation of its own charter and bylaws) the corporation originally granted authority to accredit chiropractic colleges by the US Dept. of Education, transferred that dissolved corporation to Arizona with new bylaws and mission, forced the resignation of the only individual to really stand up against CCE’s shenanigans, attempted to close the largest chiropractic school in the world based on some really subjective criteria, proposed sweeping changes in the perspective of chiropractic education and its regulation and NOW to seize control of the profession’s continuing education. Wow, what a busy year! Now that’s consolidation of power.

Folks, the cost of apathy is the loss of freedom. The price of freedom is the willingness to stand and oppose oppression. The very nature of our profession will change literally overnight if those of us who adhere to the founding principles of this profession remain silent. The “location and correction of vertebral subluxation” as the core of chiropractic practice and education will soon be eliminated if YOU don’t take a stand NOW! It’s a choice that YOU must make. Either ignore it and hope it goes away OR face it and ACT. Inaction is STILL a choice.

If you have not yet decided to join the effort to protect principled chiropractic, I urge you to move NOW. Join the DECE effort by going to and enlisting. The attack against the chiropractic we know and love is under attack from several fronts. It will be fought on several fronts. No one person can fight this alone and win. The strength, will and sheer desire to win on the part of each and all of us is required. PLEASE don’t delay. Every dime you can spare, every e-mail you can forward and every letter you can write is absolutely essential.

Remember, all that is needed for evil to prevail is for good men and women to do nothing. @ 8:35 pm | Article ID: 1040704510