An Intensive Care Experience

By Anonymous

I stood over her, watery eyes, passion and love consuming every crevice of my soul. I stared intensely through that polyurethane plastic cover as she was clinging for her dear precious life. Tubes going in and out of every orifice of her body, electrodes taped and branded on her like she was a pig awaiting the slaughter. An absolute disregard for the sanctity of her divine body. Strung up like a puppet by the arrogance of a man-made institution whose narrow minded ego has the audacity to assume that if any life was to be given to this creature of God that it would be from their hand and their hand only. Bombarded by the stinging rays of fluorescence above her, the constant monotonous, incessantly piercing beeping of her ECG monitor and the putrid smell of sterilizing agents in the air her young barely developed nervous system screamed in pain. She lay there on her back wanting nothing more than the touch of a loving human hand and the warmth and security of a parent’s cradling arms. I stood, tears streaming down my face. Emotions of rage for what they are doing to her and emotions of love swung violently back and forth inside me like a pendulum out of control.

“Bastards!” I screamed to myself, struggling to stay quiet so as to not be detected. I was here to save lives and as God as my witness nothing was going to stop me from giving this beautiful little baby girl the only gift I have ever known… the gift of love… the gift of life. No sign of “Authorized Personnel Only” was going to prevent me from getting into that pediatric intensive care unit and doing my divinely driven mission.

I reached inside her plastic bubble and cradled her head like it was the perfect snowflake and I didn’t want it to collapse. She sensed my gentleness and love and her body immediately surrendered with the trust of a cub in her mother’s bosom. Then with the force of a butterfly’s wing flickering against your cheek, I adjusted her atlas. The surge of energy through my pinkie finger came from a source that I knew was greater than me. It was like God had reached down, grasped my hand, and guided its every movement providing the perfect vector with the perfect amount of force in this… the perfect moment.

Then, in an instant, the baby girl began to be consumed in life energy again as her respiration settled down to effortless breathing and her heart rate lowered from its previous fight and flight state. The colour in her skin changed from ashen white to pink right before my very eyes. Her eyes then opened from its squinted, clenched state and she immediately focused her gaze directly to me as I stood above her. It could not be described in words what happened next. It was like the floodgates of an unstoppable river pouring love and joy into my body… into my soul. I could no longer contain myself as I cried endless tears, as our souls embraced in a hug that never wanted to part. I could see the reflection of myself in her eyes and knew that by adjusting her, I had adjusted me… the knowing of life’s interconnectedness filled my being, instantly. As I continued to cry, her eyes slowly closed and she fell into a peaceful sleep. It was then, a voice in my head gently whispered “Thank you but there’s more” and I moved to the next bubble.

What’s it going to take for us to get it together and put an end this profession’s dividedness and realize the gift we truly behold? Please, lets come together as one and fight for what we know to be so sacred and precious and for us to share with the world. @ 3:33 pm | Article ID: 1040600029