Student wants to attend Cleveland in LA

Received this e-mail earlier today…

HI ~ this is [name removed] who wants to attend chiropractic school. I am going to community college in San Jose. I’ve heard that Cleveland chiropractic school educates requirements classes. I believe I can save time with that program for attending chiropractic school. I appreciate if you send me information about that. Also, I am a international student. When does school begin class? How much is tuition?

On the school review pages, you can get contact information for Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles. If what you’re asking is can you take prerequisite science classes at the Cleveland College, I believe the answer is yes, but I don’t know how much time it would save you. As far as when class begins, I believe Cleveland is still on a trimester system meaning new classes start three times per year. That may not be the case for the prerequisite science classes so your best to contact the school directly. If things have not changed since I attended Cleveland there should be a doctor of chiropractic program beginning in winter, spring, and fall each year. As far as tuition is concerned I don’t have that information, again its best to contact the school directly.

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  1. I’m currently an intern at cleveland chiropractic college. I don’t recommend anyone atend cccla because of the unprofessional attitudes of their clinicians in the health clinic toward the interns. They blame their mistakes on the students just to save their job..

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