2011 Talk the TIC Finals Photos

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Parker Chiropractic University recently hosted a chiropractic speaking event known as Talk the TIC. Talk the TIC is a worldwide annual chiropractic health talk competition between chiropractic students effectively delivering a chiropractic message to others. I was a founding member of the Chiropractic Speaking Club at Los Angeles Cleveland Chiropractic College in the 90s and I learned how critically important public speaking is. It’s incredibly impressive to me to see what chiropractic students are doing today. Here are some photos sent to me from the event…

Talk the TIC Finalists9 finalists were selected to Talk the TIC at Parker University

Practicing chiropractors will find themselves speaking at lay lectures, Chamber of Commerce events, local health presentations, corporate events, and most frequently patient education classes within their own chiropractic clinics. Developing solid speaking skills is is important for doctors of chiropractic.

Champion Derrell Pratt-Blackburn PresentingChampion Chiropractic Student Speaker Derrell Pratt-Blackburn Presenting at Parker

No doubt the chiropractic profession has a long history of spectacular public speakers, Ian Grassam and Sid Williams being among my favorites, it’s great to see the tradition is continuing.

Julia Pinkerton Derrell Pratt Blackburn Magalie LeferveJulia Pinkerton – Derrell Pratt Blackburn – Magalie Leferve

Student chiropractors involved in the competition represented nine different chiropractic colleges and they traveled to Dallas Texas, to compete at Parker Chiropractic University, which was held in July. Five finalists presented their chiropractic message to an audience of more than 800 people.

Derrell Pratt-Blackburn Talk the TIC ChampionDerrell Pratt-Blackburn is 2011 Talk the TIC Champion

It’s great to see numerous chiropractic institutions participating in this worldwide competition. In my experience students benefit greatly by visiting other campuses and interacting with future chiropractors from distant schools. It’s not long before those students become practicing chiropractors and potential lifelong friends.

Congratulations to everyone that participated in this year’s 2011 Talk the Tic event.

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