Support Your College Alumni Association

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m cleaning up my home office desk after Thanksgiving and I found a letter about becoming a lifetime alumni association member for Cleveland Chiropractic College (Los Angeles or Kansas City). I remembered wanting to bring this up before, but don’t recall doing a complete post. I really think it’s important for graduates of chiropractic schools to support their alumni associations. I didn’t necessarily feel that way at the time I was graduating, but 10 years later I can say that I’m quite thankful for my LA based chiropractic education, and I hope that many generations of incoming chiropractic students have the same or better opportunities than I did when attending chiropractic college.

From the letter there is a brief list of bullet points as to what chiropractors receive when becoming a lifetime member. Regardless of what’s being offered, I think more chiropractors should make the effort to reconnect with the schools they graduated from. The Cleveland lifetime members receive complementary registration to all future coming home relicensure seminars, invitations to alumni lifetime member events, recognition on lifetime member plaque (there is room for more names).

The money chiropractors give goes towards first trimester welcome programs, student scholarships, assisting the school alumni, support for student chapters of the California Chiropractic Association, American Chiropractic Association, and the International Chiropractors Association (I was a student President representative of the ICA when attending school in the 90s).

There’s more that chiropractors receive but you get the general idea, don’t you? For Cleveland Chiropractic College I would call Michael Brown, who’s the executive director for student and alumni relations, at 323-906-2196, and get more information about becoming a lifetime alumni member for either the Kansas City or Los Angeles campus.

I don’t have the details, but I’m fairly certain Life University in Atlanta, Georgia has a lifetime alumni membership. I recall my good chiropractic friends wearing very expensive white dinner jackets at Dynamic Essentials events in Georgia, and I am pretty sure that’s related to alumni functions.

Palmer College of Chiropractic (in Davenport, San Jose, and Port Orange) has alumni programs as well. I’m fairly certain that Parker in Dallas, Texas also has an Alumni Association, with related alumni events taking place at various Parker seminars throughout the world.

Sherman college in South Carolina is happy to have alumni support as well, in fact I’m sure all of the chiropractic colleges in the US have alumni associations and related programs. Giving back to the school that helped nourish your success in chiropractic, makes good sense to me.