Student Opportunities Abound

Chiropractors Speak at Life University
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

When I was a chiropractic student, I took advantage of as many chances I could get to spend time with some of the great chiropractors in our profession. Recently, a group of eight chiropractors representing the Florida Chiropractic Society spoke at Life University. I was on hand for the event (the only non-Florida DC to speak) and it brought back many memories from my student days.

Before the event began, I looked around the room at the DCs that were to speak and I wondered if any of the students had any idea as to how many years of collective chiropractic experience was present. While student life is busy to say the least, events like these help to shape your direction in chiropractic and offer much needed inspiration while attending school.

Craig Berko, D.C.Dr. Craig Berko
Dr. Berko is the Director of Marketing & Strategic Alliance for the FCS. He is also the Society’s Lobbyist. As a student, Dr. Craig was one of the founding members of Club Chiropractic, an organized group of chiropractic students that was formed to insure that chiropractic students would have greater exposure to chiropractic philosophy while in college. This was the same group, on the same campus, that I became involved in as a chiropractic student. Craig was therefore instrumental in the creation of Planet Chiropractic as this is the fruit of the seeds planted by my chiropractic mentors.

Dr. Daniel Abeckjerr
Dr. Abeckjerr spoke about the FCS and answered many of the students questions regarding the practice of Chiropractic in Florida. As I listened, I heard so many of the same questions that were asked when I was a student. Questions however, that students really should not give too much concern. The “hoop jumping” is just that and really has very little to do with you as a chiropractor.

Dr. Armand Rossi
Dr. Rossi is a 1976 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, and is currently practicing in Margate, Florida. He is known by many as a former instructor of Pediatric Adjusting at Life University. Dr. Rossi talked about practice and the joy of seeing several generations of chiropractic patients.

Dr. Joseph Accurso
Dr. Accurso is a master of chiropractic. He has an incredibly effective way of getting the message to both DCs and students. Dr. Joe is the man behind “Saturday Night Live”, a monthly chiropractic philosophy program that has been spreading across the U.S. and Canada.

Ed Cordero, D.C.Dr. Edwin Cordero
Dr. Cordero is one of Florida’s finest. I often refer to him as my “favorite Florida chiropractor.” To the students, Dr. Cordero talked about passion. Having a passion in one’s life makes all the difference, go after the things you are passionate about.

Dr. Paula Hedgelon
By the time Dr. Paula spoke, the room was full of emotion. Dr. Paula made it very clear to chiropractic students that you must be focused on the vision. If your attention is on the small stuff such as taking boards, you may miss out on the big stuff, such as changing the lives of the people you touch.

I’d like to thank the FCS and Life for allowing me the opportunity to share the message of Planet Chiropractic with the students. If you are a chiropractic student: stay focused, attend principled events, and fellowship with others. Your efforts now will pay back in great abundance in the years to come. @ 2:05 am | Article ID: 988016723