Step Twelve to a Hundred a Day

By Rick Wren, D.C.

Dear Colleagues and Friends, Success Principle #12 is actually number #2 of the Additional Success Principles (always ask for referrals). I have asked at many Parker Seminars around the World “Who in here asked for a referral this week or this month?” Only about 5 to 10 percent of the Chiropractors in the room raise their hands. Why Chiropractors are embarrassed or afraid to ask for referrals just baffles the mind. There is only one thing that is directly proportional to the number of new patients you schedule. I said, there is only one thing that is directly proportional to the number of new patients you schedule. That one thing is “HOW OFTEN YOU ASK.”

There are Direct and Indirect ways of asking for new patients. Direct is “Bring your family in to be checked.” Indirect is things like advertising, yellow pages, and public talks (with no proper close). There are Direct and Indirect ways of asking for referrals within the office. The best thing you can do to not miss those opportunities, is to train with your team on when to ask. There are times on the First, Second, and Third visit you should always ask for referrals. There are times on routine visits you should be asking. The Spinal Care Workshop and the follow-up reports are also good times to train yourself and your team to ask for referrals. I have attached a list of 17 times you and your staff should always ask for referrals. Please review them and study them regularly until you do them all. If you need to study the Preframe Subluxation script, the 3 Part Close, or study the Group Report Process, look for my name under “Authors” and download the attachments. If you are anxious to study all 21 steps to a Hundred a Day in great detail, you can get the Society of Chiropractic Masters 18 CD set from the Planet Chiropractic online store.

San Diego was a great seminar. Hope to see you in Toronto in late August ( and Miami is coming up in November.

LLL, Dr. Rick Wren
Founder of the Society of Chiropractic Masters and Parker Team Teacher
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Asking For Referrals

First Visit
1. First phone call – “Is this appointment for you or the entire family?”

2. Tour of office – “This is where we examine families and friends for subluxations.”

3. Consultation – “I see that __________ referred you. We think alot of __________ because he refers all his friends and family out here. We plan to take such good care of you, that you will feel comfortable referring your friends and family within 2 weeks.”

4. Preframe Subluxation – When you Preframe Subluxation it makes the patient think of others with problems (see Preframe Subluxation script).

5. Exam – discuss possible subluxations and possible symptoms. “Do you know anyone these symptoms?”

6. Home Instructions – Give heat and/or ice instructions and discuss how this is good for many other conditions. Ask about other conditions in their family.

7. Home Book – Send home a good information booklet on Chiropractic for other family members to read (Ted Koren’s “Bringing Out The Best In You- An Introduction” is good).

8. Home Video – Also send home a short video on Chiropractic and ask for the family to watch it to reduce questions and help understanding of the Chiropractic approach. Have a short test that the patient feels out and credit the patient’s account the next day for watching the video.

Second Visit
9. Subluxation of the day – On each visit your team member uses a nerve chart to teach where each nerve level affects. Visit number 2 you would teach C2. Visit number 7 teach C7. Visit number 8 teach T1. Visit number 12 you would teach T5 and so on. Use a 8.5 x 11.0 nerve chart in a frame hanging on the wall for Team to use (Parker #130-0090 at 800-950-8044).

10. Group Report of Findings – Tell patients that they have 7 days to get their immediate family scheduled and you will pay for their exam, x-ray, report, and first adjustment.

11. Patient leaving office – Team member asks “How many are in their immediate family?” Then gives them that many stress tests for the family to fill out and bring back (Dave Majors stress test through CLA). Team then asks “Who do you want to schedule now for a check up?”

Third Visit
12. Financial Report – Discuss the savings when a whole family commits to a whole year of care. Schedule the family that has not scheduled yet since Report of Findings.

Routine Visits
13. When the patient comments on improvement, Team member comments on how many people with same condition do not know that Chiropractic works. Team member asks “Do you know anyone with a similar condition?” Then gives them a Referral Packet to give to that person.

14. Condition of the Day – Pick a different condition each day for Team member to discuss with patients. “Headaches are greatly helped with Chiropractic care. Who do you know that has Headaches?”

Spinal Care Workshop
15. Close Workshop with special offer for immediate family to get checked within 7 days.

Re-exam, Re-x-ray, and EMG Reports
16. Close report by giving a referral card to patient and stating “Give this card to someone you know and it will save them $140.00 on exam, x-rays, and report.”

17. Hand out your card to everyone you do business with. When they discuss their condition with you, you give them a referral card that saves them money on exam, x-rays, and report. When appropriate, use cell phone to schedule the new patient. @ 7:01 pm | Article ID: 1027476069