Group Experience in Colon Panama

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Welcome everybody. Today I had the privilege to visit the town of Colon in Panama. A group of us boarded a bus at about 7:30 AM and headed out on a one-hour drive to the city where we would adjust today. We had heard many things about Colon (most of them not good due to the poverty in the area) but we were all eager to serve. No one in this particular group had been to Colon before so we did not know what to expect.

Our first stop was at the mayor’s office. We were asked to come inside and meet the mayor. We were greeted by so many smiling, hard-working individuals that immediately began expressing gratitude for our choice to attend to the people of Colon. They served as coffee and water, we took photos with the mayor for Colon’s monthly publication, and then we jumped back on the bus and headed off to the gymnasium where a group would adjust until 2 PM.

The children are most important The gymnasium was typical of that we’ve seen in many towns in Panama. Concrete walls, a tin roof, and heat, lots and lots of heat (it’s in the 90’s here). After a group circle, we began adjusting. Within a few moments, Dr. Joe Redondo and myself were taken by the Director of Provinces to the local government buildings. There, Joe and I adjusted everyone in the government buildings (including staff and visitors) and we had a great time. After we left the government buildings we went around the corner to the local elementary school. School begins next week and faculty and staff were preparing for the children to return to class. Some children and their parents were in the faculty offices taking care of school related paperwork so we were asked to set up some chairs outside the office and serve. The faculty, the staff, the parents, and most importantly, the children all received adjustments, and some hugs as well. I’ll tell you this, I love what I do, and I love to be able to share it with others.

After we were done for the day, I asked the group to give me some feedback on their first impressions of our trip to Colon. Here’s what they had to say…

Joe Redondo, D.C. – Ponce, Puerto Rico
My impression of today is very much one of surprise and happiness because I saw the need for chiropractic adjustments and I saw the need of the people and the inability for people to be able to afford this type of care, and the appreciation of the people for getting it. I believe with all my heart that the schools should organize missions like this to show the graduating seniors the importance of being with the people, because it is not taught in the schools, not like this.

Sherry Goldsberry, D.C. – Tampa, Florida
I’m amazed, I did not know that we were going to see that many people, that we were going to adjust that many people, and I hope to adjust many more in the days to come. I was just happy to see how everybody excepted us and was so excited to have us there.

Michael Schweitzer, D.C. – Seattle, WA
Today was just phenomenal. I’ve been down here before, and to go in to the gymnasium… they really didn’t have anything set up so we put some people out there talking on the street and it’s amazing how many people came in, got adjusted, loved getting adjusted, and are coming back tomorrow. We had family’s going back home and coming back with the rest of their family members and friends.

Amanda and Melissa (Lynch) were doing a fantastic job just talking to people. They didn’t even speak the language, and a lot of people stopped to help as they explained what we were doing inside, people would go out after they got adjusted and there was one man who acted as the interpreter because he got adjusted and he wanted to help out in any way he could. Everybody plays such a vital role, it’s just awesome.

Scott Lynch, D.C. – Seattle, WA
It was just phenomenal, it was awesome to see folks just coming in to get adjusted, they would just come in and get adjusted. I would say the most impressive thing was the kids that were there didn’t want to leave, they were excited to be there and they want to hang out and watch what we were doing because there was such a constant vibe in the room and they just wanted to hang out and high five us, that was cool.

Melissa Lynch, – Seattle WA
I heard things about Colon before I came but I came with an open mind, the people there are so nice and so welcoming and so friendly. They were so open to what we were doing and like Mike said they were still trying to bring their friends as we were closing down. The people that were skeptical, they were the ones or bringing everybody back with everyone they knew.

Amanda Wilson, C. A. – Seattle WA
I was amazed at how welcomed I felt. I was standing out greeting people and I didn’t know the language. All I did was say chiropractic and pointed to my neck and telling them to come in and most of them got it said “oh” and came in and for those that didn’t the interpreter explained to them and then they came in. It was amazing that this man stood out there in the sun with me for at least two hours because he had the experience of being adjusted and he wanted to share it.

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