2009 Seminars and Conferences post in December

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

December is a good time for chiropractors to plan in advance what seminars, conferences, and continuing education events they will be attending in the 2009 season. I’ve noticed increased activity for 2009 seminar schedules from Parker, New Beginnings, Palmer, Schofield Chiropractic Training, the ICPA, Cleveland Chiropractic College, and others, posting 2009 schedules to the chiropractic seminars pages, earlier this month. For those that have them listed, we’ll probably put together a 2009 round of at the end of December, so chiropractors can make travel plans in advance.

Among my personal list of must attend events, are the 2009 DCS California Jam taking place in Orange County — California, the 2009 Parker Las Vegas seminar (at the Las Vegas Hilton), the New Beginnings for a New Future conference in January and February (although I’d personally wait until April since California has warmed my blood), April 2009 Schofield Chiropractic Training in Las Vegas (Westin Hotel has been awesome for SCT seminars the past few years), and the 2009 Sunshine Tour in Deerfield Beach Florida (taking place in February March). That’s only events for the first three months of the year, I’ll check through the database and highlight my personal favorites.

Hallway @ ADIO Chiropractic in Los Angeles

You can’t go wrong with Parker Vegas, New Beginnings, Palmer Homecoming, and Sherman Homecoming, as they are all great events. Since I’m a lifetime alumni at CCCLA I’ll do my 2009 continuing education there, but I plan to be going to at least one other chiropractic college homecoming event in 09.

As far as chiropractic adjusting technique goes, I noticed there are Thompson and Logan sessions, Koren Specific Technique sessions, Short Lever Adjusting sessions, Pediatric Adjusting sessions, Gonstead sessions, and even MUA certification (manipulation under anesthesia) sessions.

There are seminars taking place in warm climates, cold climates, awesome hotels, small business type hotels, Mega Vegas resort hotels, and a few events in places like Hawaii, the Bahamas, Cancún, and others. I’ll pull out all the resort type events and create a separate post for those. The Schofield training events rock for location, since they are often held in the Phoenix area (nice weather – HOT – almost all year round).

Here is the SCT MoChihChu 2009 schedule in PDF format, if you are putting on chiropractic seminars in 2009, you’re welcome to e-mail your 2009 schedules in PDF format, and I’ll be sure the staff get them posted somewhere on the blog pages. Adding seminars continues to be free, and it suggested that you do listings on your own. We will do our best to promote them from there.

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