08 photos from Arizona

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I was impressed with the number of photographs I took of chiropractors and their families this past weekend in Phoenix, Arizona. Saying it was hot would be an understatement. I mentioned last week that it would be hot and sticky but I wasn’t expecting 114 degrees Fahrenheit. Thank goodness for a really big swimming pool and great air conditioning inside the conference center.

Even in August, hotels in Phoenix are one of my favorite places to attend conferences. The Arizona Biltmore makes the list of favorite conference hotels every year, and this year was no different. Our rooms were excellent and the staff at the pool did an excellent job taking care of what seemed to be hundreds of people in or around the pool on Friday and Saturday.

Biltmore Sprites

The photo above is of two Sprites located on the back lawn the Biltmore Hotel property. These figures appear throughout the resort. While they were originally designed for a location in Chicago, they fit the hotel landscape wonderfully.

13 sons and daughters of chiropractors

There were lots of kids at this event (it was a Schofield Chiropractic Training). I count 13 kids in this photo and there were many more running around behind me when I took it. I’ll leave it to their parents to post comments identifying who is who. These kids are loaded with energy!

I showed a picture of two docs from Florida and below is a photo of six (plus 2 spouses) from different parts of the United States.

6 chiropractors and 2 spouses

Cities represented by those photographed include Palo Alto, Lancaster, Denver, Seattle, Vaughan Ontario, and San Diego. Photograph below features Dr. Ken Gee Ehrlich and his WWE Wrestling wife Candace Michelle. There’s a chiropractic movement taking place in West Los Angeles and Dr. Ehrlich is steeped in service to his community.

ken gee candace michelle

We saw lots of photographs from Ken Gee’s West LA office and the place looked spectacular. A great chiropractor on the Southern California Westside of LA. When it comes to adjusting, this guy mean some serious business.

For those interested, there is a set of photographs from the weekend posted here on Flickr. I haven’t completed uploading all of them yet, and there’s plenty still to be tagged with names and other information.

Fun times for sure!

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  1. If a beautiful woman like Candace Michelle can see something in a man who looks like this, his looks must be deceiving…. 🙂 Actually, I have heard that that Dr. Kenji is an amazing Chiropractor.

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