Red Ford F-150 Chiropractor Truck

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I spotted the coolest Ford F-150 yesterday while at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. I was in the parking garage when this vehicle caught my eye.


Fortunately, I had my Man Purse (which many people made fun of yesterday) with all my gadgets in it. Whipped out my coolpix camera and snapped several photos.


I’m not into Vinyl advertising on vehicles (unless it’s a big van or something similar). On regular cars and trucks I think it looks cheesy. This I thought was pretty cool though. Not too flashy and the lettering looked like it was part of the vehicle design.


The “Chiropractor” on the trucks right side looks like it was all one piece. Will have to find out where those can be purchased. The lettering below was individually applied and probably part of a car lettering kit. Looks nice though, with matching silver to the Ford logos.


I’ve blogged about Dr. John Bergman before, in a post on Business Card Karma, and this creativity displayed on his Ford F-150 is deserving of a Bergman Family Chiropractic link. I love red cars (red 2010 Mustang can be seen here), and the F-150 is a sweet looking truck. Check out the new Ford F-150 models if I peeked your interest.


Haha, about an hour later, inside the OCPAC, I bumped into Dr. John and his son Michael. Told him I took photos of his truck and they’d be online.

Moral of the story: Buy an F-150 and put your business info on it. Someone may do a blog post and get you a link.

4 thoughts on “Red Ford F-150 Chiropractor Truck”

  1. I love the lettering on the back of the truck… looks as though a few “w’s” have fallen off though!
    Very classy way to advertise your website. I wonder how many people miss it thinking it’s just the regular badging though?

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