Spring Forward Summer Time Change 2009

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Since I was a kid, I’ve never been too crazy about springing forward. I’ve always thought falling back was a much easier daylight savings time change. Not like we have much of a choice though, unless you’re in the state of Arizona, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, chances are you’re going to have to set that clock forward one hour at 2 am on Sunday. The 2009 time change is here and spring is soon upon us.

Spring Forward Summer Time Change 2009(She’s A Little Bit Country – photo credit tj_scott)

Daylight Savings Time — It’s not like the days when clocks were analog, nowadays many digital devices automatically adjust for daylight savings time. Cable boxes and DVRs, cell phones and mobile devices, PCs and other various electronics, all feature easy to program settings for automated seasonal date and time changes.

I wondered would my iPhone spring forward by itself tonight? After checking (Settings -> General -> Date & Time) it looks as though it is set to update automatically. I expect it will update when the cell towers in Los Angeles update with the 2009 spring time change.

My iPod Touch is another story. I checked the settings on my iPod as well. I’m expecting it will update on its own, without connecting to the computer (it did in November). For those of you using a cradle, there’s the possibilty the time will sync when the device is cradled then connected to your Apple computer. On the iPod device, Settings -> General -> Date & Time, provides you with options.

Daria posted earlier regarding the 2009 daylight savings time change, but she didn’t mention that other parts of the world observe daylight savings time as well. European nations have been changing times seasonally for decades, and in 1996 the European Union (EU) standardized what’s known as summertime period. The European version of Daylight Savings Time runs from the last Sunday in March through the last Sunday in October. In the US, some refer to our time change as Summer Time Change but most prefer Spring Time Change or simply Spring Forward.

Vista automated time updates and XP automated time updates — Most Windows OS system should update automatically, depending on your system settings. For XP, Control Panel -> Date and Time -> Time Zone should get you there. Look for the box to check which reads “Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes.” I’m beta testing Windows 7 so will watch that PC for time changes as well.

If you’re getting up early for races (like local 5k and 10k events) don’t forget to double check clocks have changed! It’s ok to be early, but you don’t want to be late. Same goes for anyone heading to work Sunday morning, or even Monday, if your locked down like a hermit on the weekend.

Besides computers and cell phones, check your watches, clock in your automobile, microwave, TV, DVR, VCR (I still have one of those), and anything else with a clock display. Fire Marshalls also recommend changing smoke detector batteries and smoke alarms this weekend. Reportedly, a staggering 19% of home smoke alarms in America (~25 million homes) don’t work.

The first day of Spring 2009 is March 20th (a Friday) so let’s all move foreward and make the most of it. All of us at Planet Chiropractic wish you a healthy and happy spring and summer!

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