Clearing Our “Limiting Beliefs”

The FireWalk Experience As a Powerful Metaphor
by Sid L. Mouk, D.C.

We “live or die” as human beings on this planet according to our beliefs. If we believe we can accomplish something, we can. If we believe we cannot accomplish something, we can’t. We’re right either way. Dr. Jim Sigafoose was able to adjust and heal 500-600 patients a day because he believed he could do it — most of us don’t do the same thing because we don’t believe we can do it. Dr. Jim Parker consistently emphasized the need to clear “Quality Interference” in our Innate Mind to allow us to achieve the ultimate that we are capable of achieving in this “experience” on the planet earth.

One of the major forms of “Quality Interference” is our limiting beliefs — the ideas in our mind that we simply can’t do certain things. Our entire experience in this lifetime is based upon what we believe we can accomplish and what we believe we cannot accomplish. There is no limit to what we are capable of doing — the only limit is what we believe we can do!

The “Walk on Fire” that has been utilized in NLP Seminars is simply another way of challenging the belief systems that limit what we “allow” ourselves to accomplish. We are all fully capable of achieving anything we want to achieve unless we stand in our own way and sabotage ourselves with our “limiting beliefs.” We have been taught all of our lives that it is absolutely impossible to walk on red hot coals (approximately 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit) and not burn our feet terribly. It simply can’t be done — and yet many people have done it over and over again.

What is the purpose of walking on fire, anyway? It’s simply to teach us that “reality is a myth” (as Dr. Greg Cheatwood says). Reality is whatever we allow our mind to think it is. Reality to Dr. Jim Sigafoose was adjusting 500-600 patients a day. What is our “reality”? We can find out very easily — look at the number of patients we are adjusting each day in our practice; look at the things we are achieving in our lives each day — we see it right there in front of us. Are we happy and satisfied with the things that are happening in our practices and in our lives? What we see daily in our lives is simply a reflection of the limiting beliefs that we harbor in our Innate Mind. Is what we are experiencing the same as what we want? If not, it would be a good idea to change those limiting beliefs that are not providing what we want in our lives. But how do we do this?

Various seminars taught in this profession can show us how to clear “Quality Interference” in our lives. NLP is taught at these seminars and it provides many up-dated methods for clearing our “limiting beliefs.” NLP provides state-of-the-art methods for changing the Innate patterns that can limit our ability to achieve what we want in this life. These classes should be mandatory for all DC’s. They are that good. The FireWalk is simply one of the methods utilized by some NLP teachers to help us challenge and change our limiting beliefs.

If we have been taught it’s impossible to walk on 1,500 degree hot coals — and yet we are able to do it, what does that say about our other “limiting beliefs”? What else can we accomplish in our lives if we can walk on hot coals and not burn? What else have we been taught we can’t do that are simply “limiting beliefs” in our mind and nothing else? Is it possible that all of our beliefs concerning what we can and cannot accomplish are open to change — and are all of these beliefs simply things that we have been taught as we grew up and have nothing to do with our actual “reality”? Exactly what are we capable of doing — and is there any limit to what we can do if we truly believe we can do it? The FireWalk is just a dramatic way of proving to our mind(s) that nothing is impossible!

We in Chiropractic have always had an uphill battle in everything we have done since 1895. But that has never stopped this profession. We face challenges today that are going to require the best that we can muster. We must clear all of the “limiting beliefs” from our Innate Minds and move forward to do the seemingly “impossible” in this new century. We are all “chosen” healers and the world is waiting for us to heal them and to teach them — but we must have the Innate ability to do the things the early pioneers in this profession were willing and able to do. We can only accomplish these things if we are willing to clear all of the “limiting beliefs” in our Innate Minds — and now.

Let’s make the early Chiropractic pioneers proud of us and what this profession has become in the past 100 years. They were willing to suffer persecution and even go to jail to defend this profession — the least we can do is to carry the principle of Chiropractic through this new century with the same pride and strength in the resolve that what we are doing is not only right but is an absolute necessity to save the people of this planet from the ravages of the drug companies and the medical politicians. Someone has to do it and we’ve been chosen. What an honor and a privilege! @ 5:58 am | Article ID: 988721904