Hanging with the ChiroFamily

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Regardless of what kind of work you do, I hope that you’re fortunate enough to have others that share in similar ideas, desires and goals, and passion for life. I would imagine many industries have inner circles that add stacks of bonus points to already existing advantages of being in a particular profession, and in my experience, the inner circle chiropractic program offers some ginormous bonus points.

I would imagine being a musician and having Keith Richards, Chris Robinson, Stewart Copeland, and Trevor Bolder over for a weekend jam session and barbecue would be pretty cool, just as having Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Jon Gruden, and others of NFL fame over for a weekend of football watching could be a blast. But what industries and professions other than music and sports? Are there good times to be had when not in the workplace? I have to imagine so.

kids loaded with chiropractic energy

The photograph of the kids above was taken while at a chiropractic conference in Arizona this past weekend. Not only are the kids fun to hang out with, but their parents are too.

These are folks that would go to the wall with you. Warriors with a common cause and a passionate zest for life. I won’t deny the bias, Chiropractic kids have an incredible amount of energy. These energetic expressions of liquid light dance like no one is watching, laugh like they’re at a comedy revue, and have eyes that shine with a brilliance that warms you at the core.

South Lake Tahoe Chiropractor Stew Bittman wrote about chiropractic family in November of 2001. He talked about his love for Thanksgiving and how tightly and inextricably connected groups of chiropractors are. He mentioned walking the Warriors road together and the universal urge to remain true to each other. I liked the way he put it.

In August of 2000, nearly 8 years previous to today’s post, I wrote about opportunities to interconnect with chiropractors from across the globe that have been influential during (and before) my years as a DC. I was in a Phoenix airport yesterday speaking with chiropractor Laurie Mestdagh about Dynamic Essentials in the many chiropractors we both know. Names like Drs. Bobby Braile and BJ Harmen came up and I was reminded just how interrelated our networks are.

To chiropractors and chiropractic families everywhere, may the expression of innate intelligence shine brightly through your eyes for as long as the universe allows. It’s an honor to be among you.

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