Sherman Chiropractic College Presidential Investiture Photos

The presidential investiture of Dr. Edwin Cordero took place on the campus of Sherman Chiropractic College on Thursday, May 23, 2013. After traveling nearly the entire day, and being picked up at the airport by a very helpful chiropractic student, I arrived at the investiture as members of the Board of Directors at Sherman College were sharing words about the college’s fifth president, Dr. Ed Cordero.

Dr. Ed Cordero Approaches the PlatformDr. Ed Cordero approaches the platform

With everyone under the big tent, Dr. Cordero shared his mission of bringing chiropractic to the world, one graduating chiropractor at a time. It was a very special day, an event I’ll remember for the rest of my lifetime.

John Cordero performs at Sherman LyceumJohn Cordero performs an acoustic number during the presidential investiture

Dr. Cordero’s son, John Cordero, performed an acoustic number during the investiture, which brought my memories back to visiting their home in Florida many years ago and seeing John practice guitar as a youth.

Ed Cordero smiling while speakingDr. Ed Cordero has the entire tent smiling

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to meet Dr. Ed Cordero in person, you know that he loves to smile and has a terrific sense of humor. If it wasn’t for the heat and humidity, we could have stayed in that tent all night, listening to stories of chiropractic yesterdays, chiropractic today, and chiropractic tomorrows.

Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic 1973

The focus in the above image was on the original logo for the 1973 Sherman College, along with a very humbled new chiropractic president and others standing in the background. It felt good to be on the campus at Sherman College, it felt good to walk in the grass, it felt good to experience the energy, and it felt good to break bread with others. I saw many of my chiropractic friends in attendance and several of my chiropractic mentors.

Dean Sharon and DeanDean DePice, Sharon Gorman and Dean Sottile

Chiropractors Dean DePice, Sharon Gorman, and Dean Sottile at Dr. Edwin Cordero’s presidential investiture. Somewhere I have audio recordings of Dr. Ed Cordero and Dr. Dean Sottile speaking at Focus Chiropractic Philosophy events Sharon and I put on in Orange County California around 2000 or 2001. If I discover those and post them online I’ll include links here. I did find this 1998 video of Dean Sottile speaking during a chiropractic mission in Panama.

Former ICA President Bob BraileFormer ICA President and Founder of Now You Know – Bob Braile, DC

A student picked me up from the airport and made sure I arrived at the investiture, which reminded me of when I was a student and picked up then president of the International Chiropractors Association, Dr. Bob Braile. It’s inspiring to me to see that Dr. Braile is as committed to chiropractic today as he was when I first met him nearly 20 years ago.

Dr. Fred Schofield and Susan SchofieldDr. Fred Schofield and Susan Schofield at Sherman Chiropractic Lyceum

It’s always good to see my mate Dr. Fred Schofield and his wife Susan. It was especially good to see them at the investiture for Dr. Cordero. Dr. Fred taught a chiropractic continuing education class on Saturday for Lyceum, and Susan spoke as well. Both presentations were an added bonus for my traveling to South Carolina. They had me fired up and excited to be a chiropractor.

Dr. Ed and Debbie Cordero on May 23Dr. Ed and Debbie Cordero on May 23, 2013

One of the last photos I took the evening of the presidential investiture was the above photo of Dr. Ed and Debbie Cordero. The moon was near full and the sky had cleared from the rain that had fallen earlier in the day. It was time to go and celebrate, and celebrate we did.

I have many photos from the weekend at Sherman Chiropractic Lyceum 2013 but I’m in the office serving patients nearly every day this week. I’ll be posting photos from around the campus, photos taken during Lyceum, and photos from the 1970s themed celebration that took place Saturday night. I’ll update information when those photos make it online.