Sherman Chiropractic 2013 Lyceum Photos

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Even though yesterday was Memorial Day in the United States, a day out of the office provided me an opportunity to post photographs from the Sherman Chiropractic College Presidential Investiture of Dr. Edwin Cordero, the fifth president of Sherman Chiropractic College. I was in my chiropractic office early this morning, fired up to share the energy that rubbed off on me during Lyceum, and I wanted to thank everyone who took part in putting on such a terrific event. I had promised more photos, and here they come.

Sherman Chiropractic Lyceum 2013Chiropractors on the Lawn at Sherman Chiropractic Lyceum 2013

To the far left is Dr. Tony DeMarco and Susan DeMarco. Maybrook Chiropractor, Dr. Judd Nogrady, is in the middle. It helps me when name tags are facing forward so thanks for helping me out docs. On the far right is Dr. Liam Schubel and another future chiropractor. Liam has the energy of a chiropractic student, and I really admire that about him.

Dr. Ed Cordero on the Lawn at Sherman CollegeSpeaking of people I admire, here’s a photo of the president of Sherman Chiropractic College, Dr. Ed Cordero. This photograph was taken on the first day after the investiture and while Dr. Cordero has been on campus since January, it feels as if he’s been a chiropractic college president for ages. Everything he’s ever done has led up to this time, working together with others, and moving forward into the future with chiropractic.

If you have not done so already, this is a chiropractic leader that you will want to meet, he has a passion for life and a commitment to serving. Dr. Cordero has authored numerous articles for Planet Chiropractic during the past decade plus, many of those articles were authored in Spanish, and we still have those articles available to this day. For those using a Google Chrome browser, you may be able to translate those articles from Spanish to English directly on the page. Here’s one titled… is chiropractic an art, a science, or a philosophy? (Es La Quiropractica Un Arte, Una Ciencia O Una Filosofia?)

Use this Cordero search link to discover a list of articles that mention or are authored by Dr. Cordero, and use the translate features if you want to translate articles from Spanish to English.

Dr. Cordero was also heavily instrumental in chiropractic missions to Panama and Costa Rica since the 1990s, here’s a historical panama missions search link, for those seeking to read more about the history related to those events.

Future Sherman Chiropractic Graduates

I’ve mentioned already that the energy on campus at Sherman Chiropractic College was electrifying, here’s a photo featuring a group of future chiropractors. I love how the little one up front is giving us the number one signal. During my visit to Sherman, I met people from South Carolina, North Carolina, and many parts of the globe. Everyone I came in contact with was enthusiastic, and that enthusiasm was flowing from above down and from the inside out.

Chiropractor Jeffrey FrancoChiropractor Jeffrey Franco Receives Award from Dr. Edwin Cordero

On the left in the above photo is chiropractor Jeffrey Franco, receiving a ROAR Career Advisor of the year award from Dr. Edwin Cordero. Several awards were handed out during Lyceum, and while I didn’t have a chance to photograph everyone, my congratulations to all for your efforts and accomplishments. The award reads “in Grateful Appreciation of Service and Commitment to Sherman College of Chiropractic.”

Kelvin Chiropractic SingaporeYou may think that the top referrer for chiropractic students came from a chiropractor practicing locally in South Carolina, or maybe a chiropractor in nearby Georgia, Florida, or North Carolina. It serves to put the rest of us in our place when Dr. Kelvin (photograph on the left) is receiving an award for referring chiropractic students to Sherman College, and he practices in Singapore.

I live and practice in Los Angeles, but walking on the grass was something I didn’t get to do while at chiropractic college. The years a chiropractic student is focused on their chiropractic education should be nurturing, and as unencumbered as possible. The stress of student loans and passing national boards is something nearly all will face, but the learning environment should be supportive. Something I really enjoyed while walking the campus at Sherman was the discovery of numerous places to study. Not studying with a laptop hunched over a desk, but old school studying with a book under a tree, allowing the mind to blossom and grow, like the nature surrounding it.

Dr. Kelvin is also a Patron and Regent of Sherman Chiropractic College. In this particular photo you can see all the added accolades underneath his name tag, but some chiropractors (and other attendees) had a long list of them. I saw D.C., Patron, Regent, ROAR, Bricklayer, and Presidents Circle. It’s a great feeling being surrounded by people of such enthusiasm and dedication, did I already mention how energetic the weekend was?

Drs. Tom Gelardi and Ed CorderoDrs. Tom Gelardi and Ed Cordero at Sherman Chiropractic College

“Everything stays in existence through tension” were the words of Tom Gelardi that had me sitting up at attention. He had spoken in the Big Tent, previous to taking this photo, and I loved what I heard. Dr. Thomas Gelardi is a visionary with an uncompromising commitment to his principles. It was he who, in 1973, fulfilled a long-standing dream of establishing a chiropractic college centered on the location and correction of vertebral subluxation. Dr. Gelardi remained president of the college until his retirement in 1996.

It’s a good thing I have long lunch breaks, time to return to the office and serve our chiropractic patients, more photos coming later this week.

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