Sherman College of Chiropractic Fifth Presidential Investiture

On May 23, 2013, the investiture of chiropractor Edwin Cordero took place on the campus of Sherman College of Chiropractic, during the 40 year anniversary of Sherman Chiropractic Lyceum. The event was held under the big tent on the grounds of the Sherman campus, with chiropractors traveling from as far as Japan and Argentina, to be in attendance.

Chiropractic Marketing Org Gets PlanetC1 Hosting

A group of several dynamite chiropractors from across the globe have come together to share their tips and secrets on the chiropractic marketing techniques that they use most regularly in practice. After numerous post conference lengthy discussions, meetings, and roundtables, chiropractors came up with Chiropractic Marketing Organization (CMO) and Planet Chiropractic founder, Dr. Michael Dorausch, registered the appropriate Chiropractic Marketing domain. The group effort is a way to give back to the profession and pass on knowledge to new chiropractors entering the field.