Extraordinary Chiropractor Speaking in Philadelphia

Make Your Life Extraordinary Coming To Philadelphia June 2nd!

Dr. Guy F. Riekeman, President of Life University in Atlanta, Georgia, recognized as one of the most inspiring, informative, and entertaining speakers in America today is bringing his presentation entitled, Make Your Life Extraordinary to the Sheraton Philadelphia City Center, 17th & Race Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19103 on June 2nd at 7:00 p.m. (Google Map Here – Sheraton Philadelphia)

Guy RiekemanDr. Riekeman’s exhilarating and entertaining program points audiences toward a more fulfilling future by giving them the tools to conquer mediocrity. He bases his program on a set of basic principles and tenets, demonstrating their power to transform the world by citing living examples of individual people “ordinary people” who revolutionized their lives and their world. What’s the difference between us and them? Only the will to kick their lives into a higher gear, make things better, and take a stand.

The Philadelphia event is part of a 93-city, eighteen-month tour called The Power of One that began last October. Audiences in Colorado, Michigan, Florida, Tennessee, Washington, and Oregon have already responded enthusiastically to Dr. Riekeman’s message, that the difference between an ordinary life and an extraordinary life is the capacity and will to take action with principle and integrity.

“Everyone who comes is uplifted, entertained, and wired,” said Barry Nickelsberg, the tour’s director. “About half the time, we have to find additional seating for the audiences. So far, in two cities, we’ve gone head-to-head with rock concerts in the same venues, and our audiences were having more fun when they walked out than the concert-goers.”

From the moment he bounds onto the stage, Dr. Riekeman has audiences laughing, gasping, and shaking their heads in wonder as he demonstrates how to energize the mind, light that inner fire, and intensify life. He sends his guests out with a sense of purpose and a list of homework that includes doing something to make a child’s life better, telling the most important people in your life what they mean to you, and composing an Intellectual Board of Trustees, a mental panel to inspire and advise you on the day-to-day matters that make up a life. According the Dr. Riekeman, his intellectual board includes his grandson Tyler, former running back Walter Peyton, and a chicken, among others.

Illustrating the serious philosophical matter is a rapid-fire barrage of surprises, jokes, and puzzlers. His keen observations about the absurdities in life make the audience laugh, then think, then laugh again, and the principles and actions he proposes have the ring of profound truth. There is humor and pathos and intellectual meat that will keep you thinking for years, and may even change your life.

The evening is over before you know it, given a goose-bump-inducing finale with an amazing one-minute and 45 second video, but it stays with you for a long time.

For more information: Barry Nickelsberg (770) 426-2836