By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I was about to do a post about going local when having a website built for a chiropractic office when I located this cheeseburger photograph in my Picassa2 browser.

real webmasters eat cheeseburgers

That’s no ordinary cheeseburger. I forget how big the hamburger patty was but it looks a half pound or more to me. There’s plenty of yellow American cheese, plenty of ketchup, and even a white bread sesame seed bun. All ingredients were purchased at the local Costco and cooked up on a nice and hot George Foreman grill (love those grills). You can see some LCD monitors in the background which gives us a clue that this photo was taken at a computer desk. Cooked that cheeseburger myself, bet you didn’t know I could do that and edit PHP code too!

So why the cheeseburger? I come across web sites all the time that say “powered by lottie dotty da” (like this one which says powered by WordPress) but I haven’t seen any that say what’s powering the webmasters. Saying “powered by chiropractic” would be too obvious and then I wouldn’t have had a chance to show off this picture of my favorite webworking meal.

Happy cheeseburgers to all you webmasters in the world!