Automobile Accident Checklist For Glove Compartment

The image shown below is a scan from a supersized postcard I received from Denver Chiropractor Steve Visentin, and it features an automobile accident checklist to be put in a person’s glove compartment.

The postcard was made out of heavy card stock and the opposite side had information about chiropractic care, symptoms associated with automobile collisions, and information on contacting Dr. Steve’s office in Colorado. The web site associated with the card is titled Whiplash Denver. It’s a large image and it may load slowly.

automobile accident checklist

I’ve seen several variations of this type of checklist in the past and I think it’s a great idea, not only from a marketing standpoint, but from a practicality standpoint. I’ve met far too many people that have shown up for a first visit chiropractic appointment as a result of an automobile accident and they had failed to gather adequate information after the collision.

Something I would add to the list on this card would be to take photographs of all vehicles involved, any nearby visible street signs, intersections, landmarks, evidence of road conditions, and passengers (at least those in your vehicle). I know that can seem like a considerable amount of effort after having been an accident, but photos can be particularly valuable in certain situations.

Dr. Steve has shared chiropractic postcards with us before, and Planet Chiropractic appreciates his generosity and sharing with the community. If you are seeking a chiropractor in the Denver area, Dr. Steve Visentin (located at 1411 Krameria Street) is an excellent choice.

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