How Chiropractic Saved My Life

By Daria Belov

The Story of Geri Carlson and the book she’s written about chiropractic care, after an upper cervical adjustment received in February 2004, changed her life.

Chronic suffering is enough to torment any individual, and Geri Carlson lived that misery. As Geri puts it, she was trapped in a cycle of suffering until a hand reached down and showed her the way out. The “cure to her medical ailment” was a chiropractic adjustment from a subluxation based chiropractor practicing in South Bend Indiana. She remembers the visit, it was Wednesday, February 4, 2004. Geri said the adjustment given that day changed and saved her life, leaving her amazed with the results of chiropractic care.

Since that time Geri Carlson has become an advocate for chiropractic. She’s been so inspired by the changes she’s experienced under chiropractic care that she’s authored a book (I Stand Amazed: How Chiropractic Saved My Life, paperback, ISBN:1-60034-874-2) and launched a website to spread the message to others.

How Chiropractic Saved My Life According to Geri Carlson, an upper cervical chiropractic adjustment was the procedure performed by the chiropractor she visited. Earlier this year, we reported on Montel Williams giving a testimonial of upper cervical chiropractic care, and the positive effect it has had on his health and well-being.

Geri Carlson has a mission of “reaching the world till we get on every last nerve.” With her books, website, speaking engagements, and other activities, she intends to spread the truth about reputable, subluxation based chiropractic care to all those that are willing to listen. Not only did chiropractic save her life, it ultimately changed her life in ways she did not expect, and she says it’s been a tremendous blessing to her. Geri doesn’t want anyone tormented by the suffering that can be caused by ill health, especially when it can be prevented or helped in some way. She is passionate about advocating subluxation based chiropractic care, and she is not alone.

Moms and chiropractic assistants have have e-mailed many times over the years, with stories of children with asthma, changing lives, and sharing chiropractic with others. There have been articles advocating a chiropractic lifestyle, viewpoints from chiropractic assistants, and even testimonials from grade school kids with detailed reports about scoliosis and chiropractic.

Add Geri Carlson to a long list of chiropractic advocates. She is referred to by some as an Ambassador for Chiropractic and the chiropractic professions MVP. She now works full time to help educate and bring awareness to others about the benefits of chiropractic care.

Why write a book on ones experience in chiropractic when it’s already such a popular field of health care? Carlson says, “This is important information that should be shouted from every rooftop. We’re talking about changing people’s lives! It is my hope that anyone who reads this book will learn how I went from torment to solace in a matter of seconds. But I didn’t just hit the lottery. Amazing results are happening in chiropractor offices all across the country! If someone is suffering physically or mentally, and they need relief now, this is a must-read.”

On her website Geri mentions how many people she knows or has met that are in wheelchairs, or are incapable of performing activities of daily living. She also knows those that are deeply depressed or inflicted with chemical imbalances that have robbed them of good health. She acknowledges the reality that for some reason there are those that will decline to try chiropractic, possibly assuming that the position they are currently in is the best they can hope for. She acknowledges that our society has been conditioned to believe they need a medical doctor’s permission to visit a doctor of chiropractic, or receive any form of alternative health care. She also knows that the choice is up to the individual if they want to seek care. She urges others to do their research on chiropractic and find out what choices are available, and to make an informed decision when it comes to ones health.

Often they tell us that their medical physician didn’t think chiropractic could help. Our society has been conditioned to think they need their Medical Doctor’s permission to visit a Doctor of Chiropractic, or any alternative healthcare. But it’s our choice; and I urge you to make an informed decision.

The website of Geri Carlson is in its early stages, having just recently launched. You can visit it by clicking on the following link: I Stand Amazed @ 5:28 pm | Article ID: 1213576133