Encourage this chiropractic lifestyle that I advocate

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

How do you get a person to commit to something. This is a very important discussion when you are seeking to serve more people. We all know that it is impossible to change someone else, especially those of us who are married. A person walks into your office usually seeking relief from an aliment. The first commitment is usually easy at that point. They walked into your office seeking help. They already decided that there is a possibility that you can help them. The first emotion that we need to convey to them if we want them to connect to us and stick around is Hope. We are in the business that it’s continued existence is a testimonial to the “results” that people experience under our care. Understanding the implications of the definition of the Chiropractic Philosophy is very simple and easy to understand yet it is an understatement. The definition itself doesn’t motivate people. You do. They need to have confidence in the fact that you can help them and that you want to help them. Before a new patient ever leaves my office I always thank them for choosing me as their chiropractor and I let them know that I Want To Be Their Chiropractor. That is telling them that not only do I think that I can help them, that in addition to that I Want To Help Them.

Don’t underestimate the power of these statements. By the time you show the patient their x-rays and do their report of findings they should already be convinced that they are in the right place. In that report you or your staff needs to tell them whether or not you feel you can help them, how long that will take and how much will that cost. At that point I step back and let them choose. The choice is theirs. If they don’t choose to do their part in their care then we don’t have a deal. I need to lay it out as best I can and then step back and let them choose. For too many years health care is something that was done to you. In my office I pride myself in educating the public so that they can make their choice. When they make their choice then it is their choice, not my choice and then they take responsibility for their choice. True it is my job to support them in keeping their commitment to their health and it is my job to make the importance of lifetime care a very real thing in their consciousness but it is their choice to take the action steps necessary to live a healthier life by choosing to stay as subluxation free as they can. This option that I give them might only sound like semantics to you but it is actually a shift in responsibility. I am responsible to remove their subluxations but they get to choose each time they come in if they are going to continue or if they are going to “wait until it hurts again.” I cringe to even write that possibility but I know it exists and it actually keeps me on my toes. It doesn’t matter how “closed” I feel the deal is when they first start I must never take their continued loyalty as a sign that I can let up on my responsibility which is to reduce their subluxations and encourage this chiropractic lifestyle that I advocate.

Now back to that first visit and even before. The first phone call or the first contact. I need to open the deal at this point. I need to establish my practice in their minds and I must establish the need in their minds. What is it they that are looking for? Hope. They can’t anchor to an unanchored mind. Is your mind anchored. Do you know that you know that you know that you know that they are better off without subluxation no matter what their symptomatic picture looks like? All of their symptoms might not go away while they are under chiropractic care, that I can’t guarantee them. I can guarantee them that they are better off living a life with regular Chiropractic. That I can say without a doubt. Without a doubt I can say that they will be better then if they didn’t get adjusted.

When you are in conversation with a person remember in their world what matters is them. Show them how you and chiropractic can help them. Listen. Give them unconditional love. Hope. Choice. The deal will close itself if you present it like it is. If people really understood what we had they would be breaking down our doors before they would go through life Subluxated or let their children deal with this stressful world without the benefits of regular Chiropractic care. I can’t sell anything that I don’t own and I own that. I can only care for them with as much love and care as I take care of my own family. Go out and make your practice reflect your beliefs. Take care of families so they can express the same kind of life expression as your own family expresses. One last thought, if you can’t get your family of origin to understand and be part of your Chiropractic family then just move on and choose your own “family” to be part of your Chiropractic practice family.

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Dr. Sharon Gorman is a chiropractor in active practice in the state of Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of Life Chiropractic college in Georgia.

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