Chiropractic Road Trip up the California 5 Freeway

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I love road trips. With the rising prices of gasoline, I don’t know how much I’m going to love the cost of a road trip I am taking later this week. Living in Venice Beach California, I almost always just head along Lincoln Boulevard to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and fly somewhere fun. But summer is coming and the family and I have rooms booked at a hotel in Yosemite National Park (hey boo-boo). I was mapping out my route today and I plan on visiting some California chiropractic offices along the way during my 500 mile plus round-trip journey.

405 freeway in Los AngelesI’ll be starting off in Santa Monica and those chiropractors are out of luck since I’m getting on the 405 freeway ASAP and don’t plan on any local stops. Taking a look at the map my first stop will be in Santa Clarita, home of Dr. Carolyn Griffin’s office. I was initially considering the long way up along Highway 14 which would take us through Palmdale and Lancaster, and then Rosamond and Mojave where we’d head west on Highway 58. Gas being the price it is this week that could be an extra hundred bucks on my trip so I’ll have to think about possibly doing that on the return.

Staying on the five freeway route we will pass through Newhall, Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Castaic, Caswell, Gorman, Lebec, and Fort Tejon, before we split off the 99 and into Bakersfield. Lots of chiropractors to visit in the Bakersfield area but I won’t be there long. Will do a few walk ins to take some photographs, and stop in to see Dr. Jim Ryan.

Then it’s back on Highway 99 north towards Yosemite and passing through McFarland, Delano, Earlimart, Pixley, Tipton, Tulare, Visalia, Kingsburg, Selma, Fowler, and Fresno, where we plan to spend the day before continuing up Highway 41 and into Yosemite National Park.

I figure there’s gotta be at least a dozen chiropractors practicing in the Fresno area but I didn’t find a single result when searching through my digital Rolodex. Will have to pay somebody a visit and hope they are open on a Saturday for a convenient chiropractic walk in appointment.

Should be lots of great photos from this trip. Have a great summer everyone and drive safely!