Why I Love Being a Chiropractor

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Oh boy where do I start. I love being a chiropractor because I have the opportunity to change people’s lives by sharing the truth with them about Chiropractic. I love when the lightbulb goes off over their head. I love it even more when they demonstrate that they get it by bringing in their whole family and by staying under regular care year after year. I love sharing Chiropractic because I believe that every man, woman and child should know the truth and then be able to make a choice about how they want to take care of their own health. I can’t control or change their actions but I can get better at communicating my truth and do get better every year. I love that when I grow then my practice grows.

Yes there are parts of practice that really frustrate me like the people who don’t get it. Sometimes I struggle not to take it personally when a patient walks away and doesn’t get it. I have trouble with insurance companies that are business entities designed to make profits and cut their bottom line. I really can’t stomach the Medical Doctors who tell their patients that they don’t need Chiropractic or the mother-in-laws who do the same. I hate when patients disappear when their symptoms disappear. All that said, this article isn’t about them.

Woman signing in for chiropractic careThis article is about all of the pregnant women who I take care of and the especially the families who make their first outing after the baby is born to my office to get their baby checked.

This article is about the miracles that happen in my office, many of them that I don’t even know about. A couple of weeks ago I printed out testimonial sheets and brought out my digital camera. My walls of my office are covered with the miracles. I love when the new patients walk up and down reading them. When I have a free moment I love to read them. I love how proud the patients are when they hand me back the forms and brag to me how their lives have been changed since they have been getting adjusted. I love when they are amazed that symptoms they didn’t bother telling me about when they first started care mysteriously disappears.

This article is also about all of you male Doc’s who have been getting women pregnant for years. Take a second and count all of the women who were told that they couldn’t have children and got pregnant after they were under your care. Pretty amazing, even more amazing that I help women get pregnant and I am a woman.

This article is also about all of the horrific things that didn’t happen. I see hundreds of people a week and on one hand I can count how many of my active patients have been diagnosed with cancer. Of my regular lifetime patients I only know of 1 who had a heart attack while under regular care. I have been in practice 24 years and I can only think of 1. I don’t know of 1 person under regular care in all those years that had a stroke, not 1.

People’s lives depend on whether they get under regular care or not. This isn’t a big joke. I tease the patients, “I might be white and flaky but I’m not aspirin.” Those that use chiropractic adjustments as a quick pain reliever are putting their lives at risk.

So I got one story to share with you. Many of you can tell a similar story and I have at least a dozen similar stories but I am going to tell you this one because it happened again this week. I have been taking care of this lady who is now in her mid 60’s for about a decade. She comes in every week, has hardly missed one in all these year. Her husband is usually with her and hasn’t missed one of our in-office parties in years. He has never been adjusted, doesn’t think that he needs it. He loves the office, tells the front desk girls jokes and wouldn’t leave without saying hi to me and giving me a smile. Brace yourself, you know what’s coming – he died last week – lung cancer. His wife came in the next morning to get adjusted and cry on our shoulders. She didn’t hold us responsible but I can’t help but wonder if I should have tried harder. Maybe I should have nagged him a little. Maybe I should have done something. I don’t think she even gets it. If she didn’t have chronic back pain she might have quit coming years ago. Maybe her back pain is saving her life.

Sometimes I feel like I am talking swaheelee to my patients. They don’t get it aaaaannnnnddddd sometimes I change their lives! That’s what I love about being a chiropractor.

Last but not least, I love having a 2 Chiropractic Families. I love my husband and my kids, most of which are thinking about being Chiropractors too and then there is you. I love my friends in Chiropractic. We come from all walks of life and unite to CHANGE THE WORLD!

Your blessed, act that way and have a great week.

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