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Barcamp San Diego 2008 Saturday Wrap up

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Taking a look at some of my notes here at the end of day one of Barcamp 3 in San Diego. We are in the Microsoft offices in La Jolla and the halls are full of sounds from people Wii bowling and playing Halo on Xbox 360 units. Rather odd being here inside a Microsoft Office with all the news going around tonight regarding Yahoo and the Microsoft’s backout of purchasing the company.

It’s been quite a day so far. I had the opportunity to speak this morning in the large conference room located on the fourth floor of the building (will have photo updates later in the week). I spoke about Planet Chiropractic and the importance of chiropractic care for people in the tech industry (always evangelizing). I followed that up with a search marketing presentation (mostly sharing how we go about collecting and reporting on news content for the chiropractic industry) and discussed some search optimization techniques. I went off on a brief tangent about Google adsense programs and some other contextual advertising networks.

dell laptop xpsI had a bit of an embarrassing moment when my Dell XPS m1210 laptop (hard drive running XP) crashed on a blue screen of death in the middle of my presentation. It rebooted rather quickly and fortunately all my tabs were saved in Firefox (I had about 24 tabs open during the presentation).

I wasn’t expecting such a large number of SEO people that are active locally in San Diego. After the presentation was over, I spent the next two hours in a conference room with some of the folks I met, discussing several projects different shops were working on.

Something that was really cool was that a whole bunch of people introduced themselves and talked about their chiropractors. Somebody that goes to Dr. Erik Rosenbergs chiropractic office (San Diego Sport and Spine) could not stop saying good things about him. His office is on Linda Vista Rd (not sure how far it is from the office we’re at in La Jolla). I’ll be visiting to chiropractic offices tomorrow afterward done with the afternoon’s Barcamp festivities.

I plan to have some photos uploaded from this weekend’s events (the Internet access is restricted to port 80). It’s a different experience from Barcamp LA 5 but still lots of fun.


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