Popular Image Search Finds Chiropractic

By Daria Belov

While image search is not as popular as traditional search based queries, a look at a websites log files will typically show inbound traffic as a result of people seeking images related to a particular topic. With the focus of content on this site being chiropractic, it’s not surprising that inbound users would be arriving at the website based on searches related to chiropractic images. I visited archived logs for the month of April 2008 and compiled a list of posts and articles that showed inbound traffic based on the images appearing in those posts.

chiropractic neck assessment (photo: chiropractic neck assessment with anatomical posters appearing on wall)

Not surprising that the image shown here would result in click throughs from people making searches online. Another popular post receiving inbound traffic for image searches was a Chiropractic Continuing Education post from December of 2007. The image in that post features a chiropractor performing an assessment on a female client resting on a chiropractic adjusting table. The photo appears to have been taken in a chiropractors office as there are posters and models of spines and vertebrae seen in the background.

A Chiropractic Career Nights article from August of 2007 shows inbound traffic stats based on the image appearing in the post. In this case, the image features what appears to be a female doctor of chiropractic and a male chiropractor. They are shown performing an assessment of a female sitting in an upright posture.

That article is followed in popularity by an article related to Chiropractor Practices for Sale which offers a summary of ads appearing in the classified ad section. The image in the post shows a female chiropractor performing an assessment (appears to be a leg check) on another female lying face down on an adjusting bench.

A blog post about chiropractic and healthy blood pressure also appears in the logs. The image shows a male chiropractor palpating the upper cervical spine of a female lying supine (face up) on a bench. Both are smiling.

The last image on the list relates to a blog post about X Games 13 which was held in Los Angeles, August 2007. It is the only image of the set that does not include a female appearing in the image.

I found looking at the log files to be an interesting learning experience which presents a few questions. Do images of females offer greater incentive for searchers to click and visit websites? Does the quality of an image have an affect on someones decision to click an image and visit the host website? For images that do not involve females, what elements are more likely to attract click-throughs from people browsing image content? If you host a website or blog, you may want to check your log files for inbound traffic related to image search, checking to see if any patterns arise that offer opportunities for improving visitors to your destination.

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