Super Chiropractic Assistant Motivation

By Super CA Lynne Gawley-Hofstetter

Greetings Super CA’s… Happy Halloween

“As keepers of our own attitudes, we must constantly choose to be the light we wish to see in others.”

This morning when I drove through Tim Hortons for my morning tea I could see the girl was very frazzled. There was a big line up and she seemed confused and grumpy. When I pulled up to the window and handed her my money I also handed her a handful of Tootsie Rolls, wished her a Happy Halloween and told her to have a great day. The smile that took over her grumpy-frazzled face game me a warm fuzzy and I smiled to myself all the way to work.

Ethel and I have pumpkins on our heads today and we dressed in orange and black and got Dr. D. to also. We tried to make him wear a pumpkin head too but he came up with some silly excuse about it falling off when he bent over to adjust. It’s great to see our patients laugh as they come through the door even the grumpy ones.

I had the extreme pleasure of being part of my Mother’s retirement open house last weekend. She is retiring after 34 years as our church secretary. Wow… 34 years it’s hard to imagine that she has never considered it work “it’s been a labour of love” to quote her. There have been good times, rough times and sad times. She has worked with 11 ministers. Welcoming them with open arms when they started their first day, cried when they left to go to another church, consoled their families when they passed away. She has baked treats, gone to baptisms, confirmations, funerals, weddings. Visited shut-ins, picked up little blue haired ladies to go to various functions. I have been at her house at 8:00 in the morning or 10:30 at night when someone from the church has called with a question or an emergency and they couldn’t get a hold of the minister. Mom has always been there… how do you advertise to fill that position? How can she ever put down on paper all her duties? She can’t and she probably never would, she is a very humble woman. She has no idea how many lives she has changed in her 34 years, but I sure saw it last weekend when the church auditorium was filled to bursting when past ministers and friends came to congratulate her. When she first found out they were planning an open house for her she said to me, “What if nobody comes?” I can remember rolling my eyes and saying, “Yeah right Mom, they will probably have to have the police for crowd control. I walked up to her on Saturday right in middle of the open house and whispered in her ear, “Hey Mom, what if nobody comes!”

We are all bright lights in our very own special ways. Continue to be the bright light that I know you are Super CA, you’re taking part in changing our world. If you constantly shine others around you will start to shine too.

I love you because you love what I love… loving… serving… giving… Chiropractic is Life!!!

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