Chiropractic Money in Politics and Elections 2008

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

During the past 10 years, national chiropractic associations have swung back and forth on financial support for both the Republican and Democratic parties. That trend continues as the 2008 election cycle is showing current chiropractic contributions are leaning back towards democratic candidates after three election cycles of primarily Republican support. Will 2008 be the year that chiropractic organizations go Democrat?

Using a website called we are able to view contribution data for chiropractic clinics and organizations. According to the web site, three of the four national associations representing chiropractic show consistent contributions to both Democrat and Republican party candidates, during the past 18 years.

To my knowledge none of the four national associations representing the industry of chiropractic have yet to make any political endorsements for 2008 presidential candidates. I’ve reported previously regarding numerous e-mails and private chiropractic listserves promoting Republican candidate Ron Paul, but if the publicly available contribution trend is any sign, it looks as though at least one national chiropractic association will be supporting a Democratic candidate in 2008.

top contributors to federal candidates and parties The screenshot shows 2004 election cycle information, which was the last year the nation had a presidential election. (Resource: Cycle=2004)

Taking a look at the 2004 election cycle we see that the American Chiropractic Association contributed 67% of their funds to Republicans and 33% of funds to Democrats. During that same time the World Chiropractic Alliance contributed 86% of their funds to Republicans and 14% to Democrats. The International Chiropractors Association contributed 62% of their funds to Republicans and 38% of their funds to Democrats.

According to a review of the 2004 election cycle, there was only one contributor that made contributions of 100% to Democrats, Keith Clinic of Chiropractic. Of the three national organizations represented in the United States (American Chiropractic Association – ACA, World Chiropractic Alliance – WCA, International Chiropractors Association – ICA), all made the majority of their contributions to the Republican Party. That’s for 2004 statistics.

The trend continued in 2006 with the ACA, ICA, and WCA all contributing primarily to Republicans. 61%, 62%, and 80% respectively.

In 2006, the Arkansas Chiropractic Association contributed $8,000 towards Democrats, which accounted for 100% of their contributions. Chiropractic organizations and clinics that contributed 100% of their funds in the 2006 cycle to Republicans included: Gassner Chiropractic, Independence Chiropractic, Krol Chiropractic, Great Life Chiropractics, Spinal Imaging Inc, and Columbine Chiropractic Plan.

If we only looked at the 2004 and 2006 election cycles they would be heavily weighted towards Republican support. There is a different picture when looking back on a decade of funding. In 1998 the ACA contributed equally to both Democratic and Republican parties, a 50-50 split. The International Chiropractors Association made 69% of their contributions to the Democratic Party during that same election cycle (31% to Republicans).

In 2000 ACA money went primarily to Republicans 55% vs 45% to Democrats, and the ICA was almost the opposite with 56% to Democrats and 44% to Republicans.

In 2002 the ACA continued the trend and contributed 52% of their funds to the Republican Party, 48% to Democrats. During that same election cycle the International Chiropractors Association continued to fund primarily Democrats, with 68% going to that party, versus 31% for Republicans.

In 2004 we see 3 of the 4 national organizations that represent the industry of chiropractic making the bulk of their political contributions to the Republican Party. That was a first for over a decade of contributions. The trend continued in 2006 with Republicans receiving the lion share of chiropractic health care industry support.

2008 election cycle information is early but as it stands the ACA has switched parties and has primarily contributed funds to Democrats (63% versus 37%) as of this date.

Only one chiropractic clinic shows up for 2008 election cycle data, Reno Family Chiropractic, with a reported $6,900 contributed. 67% of that money has been contributed to Democrats, with 33% going to Republicans.

You can bookmark this page and follow this link for updates throughout 2008 regarding chiropractic industry contributions to political parties.

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