Doubts Grow Concerning Hormone Therapy

A recent article in USA Today suggests that women should not count on hormone replacement therapy for several conditions that it is currently being used to treat. According to the article, the benefits of hormone replacement therapy “are becoming murkier, the potential risks of long-term therapy – mainly increased risk of ovarian cancer and blood clots – are becoming more worrisome.”

If you were reading Planet Chiropractic news in June of 2000 you may have seen an article by Dr. Madeline Behrendt titled “women do not want to be on hormonal drugs.” In response to the recent USA Today article Dr. Behrendt writes, “With so many prescriptions being written, there’s no doubt that there are women in our practices who have been exposed to this drug – but not to this info – you may want to post the article in your office, or use it as handouts.”

USA Today: Hormone therapy: Doubts grow
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