Women do not want to be on Hormonal Drugs

By Madeline Behrendt, D.C.

A hormone storm is sweeping across the continents, touching one of our most precious lifecycles and tossing it into the churning currents of controversy and confusion. Women are in the thick of it, and while men can’t own our experiences, they are affected through the many roles they play in women’s lives, and more is shared than separate.

This year an estimated 24 million women will transition to menopause, in recent articles from Mirabella to USA TODAY, the press reports and acknowledges: “Women do not want to be on Hormonal Drugs!”

What happens when expectations collide with reality? In the Symptom/Disease/Prevention culture, history shows that in 1998, the #1 prescription drug in the U.S. was Premarin (estrogen from horse urine), side effects include increased risk of uterine cancer, stroke and breast cancer.

The U.S. is also a world leader in elective hysterectomies (>500,000 year), in medical terminology classified as castration, which catapults a woman into instant artificial menopause, and hormonal drugs are offered as replacements for that which was taken.

Subluxation-based Chiropractic celebrates it’s own unique culture, and it’s own lifestyle, a lifestyle free of unnecessary drugs and full of life expressed from the inside out. Looking inside, menopause is not a disease, nor a deficiency, but rather one of the many cycles of life, a unique one where our system (not our ovaries) repositions the relationships of our hormones, a type of rewiring, as Innate prepares us to meet the needs of a new life cycle.

I trust Innate without hesitation, without reservation, without conditions, I trust Innate knows how to organize and coordinate all functions and responses of the body, and when I search for guidance – Innate is where I turn.

In alignment with this foundation, as the body adjusts hormone levels due to design, rather than deficiency, this raises great concerns about the possible short/long term side effects and consequences of hormones that are foreign to the body as they duel with the types and ratios that our body’s wisdom has already produced and organized. SMACKDOWN: Educated vs. Innate

As a subluxation-based chiropractor, I don’t offer to “treat” menopause, as that is not my truth – and if a woman asks if chiropractic treats menopause or is an alternative for it, we discuss what she is really asking – “Can chiropractic help me?”. We all know the answer to that, we just have to share it with those who’s lives we touch.

Women do seek care because the culture labels their experience “Menopause”, and often in those moments as I first palpate their spines – I’m moved to weep.

Biology is our Biography, and this, THIS SPINE, tells the story of what 50 years of subluxations, 50 years of adaptation fatigue and compensation, can feel like.

But in the next instant my attention is always drawn to my buzzing fingertips, beyond any radar or sonar or gadget, they can detect the presence of life trapped behind wreckage and they want to get started.

Hot Flashes, which not every woman has (and some men do), have a high profile in the business of menopause. For guidance, I look to Innate: Hot flashes arise from neuroendocrine activity, and heightened stress tends to make them worse. As levels of estrogen change, reports indicate it is the decrease, not a deficiency, of estrogen involved in the relationship with our temperature control center (hypothalamus), and this change is an adaptation process. Of course, everyone adapts to their level of ability, and subluxations can interfere. For a case study on subluxation and hot flashes, refer to JVSR (Journal of Vertebral Subluxation, Volume 1, No. 2) by authors Drs. Weber and Masarshy.

Menopause is a time to experience the richness of successful choices made over the previous decades and to look forward. An evaluation and review of the nervous system is essential to address possible subluxations that can block health and quality of life. Simply, chiropractic works, and can offer care and benefits for all our lifecycles.

Most women transition naturally through menopause, but for too many others, information is withheld, and in that instant choices are made for them, not by them.

Hormonal Therapy, be it estrogen, progestin, testosterone, are leading drugs and more are on the way. In a survey recently, it was estimated that there are over 300 drugs in work that are designed specifically for women. To make us buy, they will claim to know us better than we know ourselves. SMACKDOWN: Educated vs. Innate.

A responsibility inherent within the true meaning of doctor, is to teach, and to serve that aspect, in setting up my office, I have included a resource and information center. I feel that it is essential that subluxation-based chiropractic have resources reflective of our unique culture and lifestyle – so that we can offer them to our community with confidence. I created such a resource to respond to the concerns of the women in my practice, and so A Woman’s Experience/A.W.E.(TM) was born.

Please contact Dr. Madeline Behrendt at [email protected] for more information regarding A Woman’s Experience/A.W.E.(TM) Reports On Women’s Health Topics.

This is a fabulous tool for educating your practice community.

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