4 Generations Served Chiropractic

It is a wonderful experience when one can provide chiropractic care to more than one generation of a family. Sometimes, we are blessed to serve not only two generations, but three generations from the same family. Serving so many from one family is a good sign that the chiropractic message is being told by all in the office.

Recently, a chiropractor in Santa Monica California, had the pleasure of serving four generations from the same family. Below is part of a letter from one of his dedicated practice members. The words written express that the chiropractor is successfully spreading the message of chiropractic and that his practice members are getting it.

Thanks – 4 Generations Served!
“It was such a pleasure seeing you recently. As of now, you have adjusted four generations of my family, including my mother, all three of my children, three of my four grandchildren, and of course myself. The best part is that you have adjusted not only our spines, but also our way of thinking about our bodies, health and life in general. I really thank you for that.”

Begin your week knowing that together, we are adjusting the thinking of millions throughout the world!

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