Chiropractic Money in Politics

With presidential elections just around the corner in the U.S., we thought it would be interesting to look at where chiropractic money is going in this years election as well as in politics in general.

Some of you may have recently seen Dr. Patrick Gentempo’s face next to presidential candidate George W. Bush or maybe you noticed that George W. Bush publicly supported this years Kids Day America/International.

Thanks to a great website called, one can easily find out who is funding who in our world of politics.

For example, Dr. Patrick Gentempo of Maywood, NJ on behalf of the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance has been financially supporting the Republican party throughout the 1990’s. (as well as supporting the Council of New Jersey Chiropractors PAC)

As a longtime On Purpose listener, it’s good to know that Patrick has kept up his commitment to have chiropractic be better recognized in U.S. politics. He has often said he would contribute money earned from On Purpose towards political issues. He should be commended for doing so.

Looking at the site we see that Patrick has made the following recent contributions using CLA money:

04/06/2000 $2,500 Republican National Committee
02/26/1999 $250 National Republican Congressional Committee
01/06/1999 $2,500 Republican National Committee
09/09/1998 $2,500 Republican National Committee

No small coincidence that Patrick has recently had his photo taken with presidential candidate George W. Bush, it takes money, any chiropractic leader can tell you that.

While looking at NJ contributions we also see Dr. Stuart P. Warner of Point Peasant, NJ contributing on behalf of the World Children’s Wellness Foundation. Two recent contributions show:

04/25/2000 $1,250 Republican National Committee
06/28/2000 $1,250 Republican National Committee

Dr. Stuart also had his photo taken with presidential candidate George W. Bush when he came out to support a recent Kid’s Day America/International.

Looking further on the list, yet another source of chiropractic money is also seen going into NJ and it’s from the International Chiropractors Association.

The International Chiropractors Association at the helm of president Dr. Bob Hoffman, recently contributed $3000 to New Jersey Senate Candidate Robert Torricelli, as well as a $4,000 contribution to the George W. Bush campaign. This has no doubt helped chiropractors in NJ as well as increased the political recognition of chiropractic professionals in NJ. (Hey Bush, you owe a photo to Bob Hoffman too.)

ICA Contributions to federal candidates: Click Here to view ICA contributions

Also noticed were:
ICA Total Lobbying Expenditures: Click Here to view ICA Lobbying Expenditures for 1998

Looking at PAC Contributions we see the Council of New Jersey Chiropractors have been active in supporting and getting involved in politics.

New Jersey Council PAC: PAC Contributions to Federal Candidates, 1999-2000

Thanks to for providing such a great and resourceful website.

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