Did The Polio Vaccine Cause The AIDS Virus?

According to various news sources, recent independent laboratory tests claim there is “no evidence to support the theory that an early version of the polio vaccine tested in the 1950s inadvertently triggered the AIDS epidemic.”

The article title is “The Origins of AIDS” and is available via ABCNEWS.com or MSNBC.com.

According to the article, studies were performed on some older batches of polio vaccine, including some that may have been used in Africa back in the 1950’s.

While some scientists claim that this means it’s less likely AIDS was caused by Polio Vaccination, others say it means nothing. Edward Hooper, author of the book, The River (link) states that since different batches of polio vaccine were prepared, the study “means nothing at all for the polio vaccine theory”, according to the article. Hooper also stated that other untested or missing batches might have yielded different results and were not studied, according to the article.

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A writer of a recent book says that AIDS may have jumped from chimps to humans via an experimental polio vaccine. The scientific community has expressed little interest.
British writer Edward Hooper, is the author of a new book on AIDS. Hooper is on a campaign to persuade the medical world that the deadly HIV virus may have been unleashed more than 30 years ago by medical doctors giving experimental polio vaccines to African children.

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