Ritalin is Over-Prescribed — UK Doctors Say

According to a September 11th news article available on Yahoo news, the UK will soon release “strict” new guidelines involving the use of Ritalin, which may result in the drug being banned for use in children under the age of five.

The new guidelines are the result of growing concerns by some doctors and the public that Ritalin is being over-prescribed, and also causes depression and lethargy in children, according to the article.

In 1998, an executive report submitted by a U.K. Doctor, stated that “ritalin seems only effective in children for six months.” The author of the report further stated that “after this period of treatment, the benefits of the drug are uncertain.”

According to the article, ritalin prescriptions issued in the UK in 1999 were totaled at 157,900 compared to 126,000 prescriptions written in 1998.

Both doctors and parents are concerned. Our children don’t need to be on more drugs. They were not born somehow lacking methylphenidate (Ritalin) and other outside-in chemical substances.

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