Ron Paul Revolution in Tempe Arizona

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Supporters of the Ron Paul Revolution were evangelizing out on the streets of Tempe this past weekend, while thousands were in town for the ASU vs. Washington Huskies game at Sun Devils Stadium. It started online and now it’s moving into the physical world, I’m beginning to see this guy’s name in more places and I’m recognizing someone is doing a hell of a job at getting the message out.

Earlier last week I authored a blog post about Chiropractors Voting for Ron Paul and there were quite a few comments posted. One comment came from a Life Chiropractic College student in Atlanta and it was suggested that there is a lot of excitement for Ron Paul at the Marietta chiropractic campus. Several days later I was visiting Cleveland Chiropractic College (which recently received some fresh paint) and I noticed banners hanging on the fences across the street from the school, displaying Ron Paul Revolution messages. A week later and I’m at Arizona State University in Tempe and there are college students marching the streets with Ron Paul banners, is this all just a coincidence or is there a real movement going on?

I was reminded why one should always travel with your digital camera because you never know when you’ll need it. I was on my way back to a chiropractic conference at the Tempe Mission Palms when the group of Ron Paul supporters began approaching on 5th St. and S. Mill Ave, right in front of Hooters and The Library. The guy leading the way was holding a poster that read “Ron Paul for Liberty” and he was followed by about a group of a dozen others.

Ron Paul for liberty
The next photograph I took shows a young guy holding a very large banner with a PVC frame, the banner reading “Ron Paul Revolution.” The group was upbeat and was moving pretty quickly through the neighborhood surrounding the ASU campus. Passing by drivers cheered and honked their horns which had me thinking more people are excited by this movement than just those carrying posters.

I revisited an article I authored in September regarding presidential campaign web sites and it looks like the Ron Paul web team took my website advice and optimized the RonPaul2008 URL so that it does not split PageRank. It’s only about a month later and Google searches for the term Ron now display ‘Ron Paul’ results above the fold.

As I mentioned in my blog post, I don’t know much about Ron Paul but I have seen his name appearing consistently in chiropractic newsgroups and e-mail newsletters. It will be interesting to see which 2008 presidential candidates receive endorsements from national organizations, such as the International Chiropractors Association and the World Chiropractic Alliance. If anyone can offer information as to why Ron Paul would make a good candidate for the chiropractic profession to support, I’ll consider posting it to Planet Chiropractic. You can reach me via e-mail by clicking on the yellow envelope under the title of this post.

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Editor’s Note: Many emails have come in (more than expected) so a blog post was created where you can add Ron Paul comments.

Brett Rayno (the individual holding the PVC banner) emailed me after this article was posted: Last night, you met up with a small contingent of the total Ron Paul force that was out last night… we were all gathered in front of the ASU stadium for about an hour before kick off and then after the game started we all went our separate ways. So I am sure some RP supporters may write you and tell you there were 150 of us (which there were) and if they are mad or hostile, I apologize for them – you see, we have been sending press releases to all the major media here in Phoenix but they only care about McCain. You come out of nowhere and then we are front page on google news! @ 4:22 pm | Article ID: 1192404197

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