Moms Plan Lawsuits over Vaccine Contents

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

According to a report on the Cyber Cast news service, two moms in the state of Arkansas have decided to sue the state, claiming that their religious freedom is being violated because of a program which mandates vaccination for their children.

The first mom, Shannon Law, wants her three children exempted from the chickenpox vaccine. According to the mom, the vaccine is derived from aborted fetuses. The other mom, Susan Brock, is suing to prevent her four children from being vaccinated against hepatitis B. The mom claims the hepatitis B injection gives the impression that her children are sexually promiscuous and/or drug users. (Two of the most common ways of contracting Hepatitis B is via sexual activity or the sharing of intravenous needles)

According to the news article, none of the children have yet been vaccinated. The controversy reportedly began when Arkansas health officials denied exemptions to the women, despite a state law that allows parents to opt out of vaccination programs if they can show doctrinal proof that their “recognized” Church opposes the immunizations (religious exemption).

One of the questions that has been raised in regards to the aborted fetal tissue case is whether or not the current chickenpox vaccine was developed using human tissue cells. The deputy general counsel for the Arkansas Department of Health stated that the vaccines were originally developed using aborted fetuses but that is no longer the case. He then stated the following, “what I understand is that you don’t use the same materials. It is derived through cultures over and over again.”

If two human tissue cells are used to create two more cells and then those two cells are used to create two more cells (and so on, and so on, and so on) until millions of cells are developed (like when you were created), aren’t all of those cells still derived from two human tissue cells? Could any of the cells (cultures) have been created without the use of the original two cells?

The Department of Health deputy general counsel further stated that most moralists agree that there is no problem with using the resulting cells because you’re not using the original aborted fetus. “This is several generations of cells development” he added.

Both moms are being represented by the same attorney, who feels it is just a matter of time before more people began to realize just what is in vaccinations and who will begin objecting to them.

According to the article, the Oravax/Acambis Corporation which has been awarded a federal contract to create a smallpox vaccine has proposed the use of “human fibroblasts” or parts of aborted fetuses in the smallpox vaccinations. Arkansas Moms Sue State Over Child Vaccines @ 8:40 pm | Article ID: 1007959245