Chiropractic Adjustings Release Pressure Off Nerves

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Today’s date marks 117 years since the first chiropractic adjustment was given in Davenport, Iowa. On September 18, 1895, it was Daniel David Palmer Healed Harvey Lillard (the Father of Chiropractic) making a hands on healing connection and curing a deaf janitor named Harvey Lillard. The Ryan building janitor had been plagued by years of deafness following an injury, and the hands-on thrusting and realignment of spinal vertebrae, provided a miracle today known as a chiropractic adjustment.

Last year on this date I shared the first ever Los Angeles Times newspaper ad placed by a chiropractor, being done so by none other than DD Palmer himself. More than 15 years later (around 1919) LA area chiropractors were placing larger ads in local newspapers. Here’s one placed around 1919 by a member of the Los Angeles County Chiropractors Association.

you need not be sick
1919 Chiropractic Advertisement
Chiropractic adjustings release pressure off nerves, the cause of all sickness.
The analysis of your backbone will tell me what and where your troubles are, of the many symptoms and “diseases” so-called, such, for illustration:

Stomach, Spleen, Liver and Eye Troubles
High Blood Pressure
Nervous and Skin Disorders

No questions asked.

Joseph H. Coleman, Chiropractor

506 Mason bldg., Cor. 4th and Broadway. Phone-Office 6312I: Res., 288864
Member of Los Angeles County Chiropractors’ Association.
Hours: 10 to 5. Also Monday. Wednesday and Friday evenings, 7 to 8.


In the era this chiropractic advertisement was placed, the corner of Fourth and Broadway in downtown Los Angeles was the center of business for the city. It was a few short blocks from Pershing Square and the downtown Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel.

For those of you looking up symptoms and diseases mentioned in the advertisement (note that the chiropractor placed “diseases” in quotes for the ad), catarrh is a disorder of inflammation of the mucous membranes in one of the airways or cavities of the body. Lumbago is defined as pain in the lumbar region, more commonly referred to today as low back pain. Hayfever a.k.a. Allergic Rhinitis was a common term used at the time, today most people prefer to use the term allergies over hayfever.

Interesting that the chiropractor followed the list of symptoms and so-called diseases with… No Questions Asked.

Chiropractic care for allergies, stomach problems, high blood pressure, constipation, eye troubles, and other listed disorders. What do most people go to the chiropractor for in 2012? @ 12:41 pm | Article ID: 1347986495