Parker University President Selected to Present Legendary Annual Joseph Janse Lecture

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

San Francisco — The Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards (FCLB) selected Parker University President Dr. Brian McAulay to present the Annual Joseph Janse Lecture during its 87th Annual Congress Conference held in San Francisco, California May 1-5. Honored as the first Parker representative to present the legendary Joseph Janse Lecture, Dr. McAulay was selected by a committee of the FCLB board. Joseph Janse Lecture speakers are chosen based on their oratory skills, ability to envision future possibilities, and to encourage the audience of regulators to consider new points of view, new perspectives in their approaches to public protection.

Doctor Brian McAulayFCLB established the Joseph Janse Lecture Series in 1990 to honor Dr. Joseph Janse and the fire of passion he brought to chiropractic. The late Dr. Janse was recognized for many accomplishments, including his leadership of National College of Chiropractic for nearly 40 years, his contributions to chiropractic radiology, his role in the creation of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, his service as an officer during the Council on Chiropractic Education’s decades-long quest to improve chiropractic institutions and establish federal accreditation, among numerous additional accomplishments.

“Dr. Janse was tremendously instrumental in so many areas of our profession,” said Dr. McAulay. “I’m incredibly honored to have been chosen to present this lecture.”

Speakers in the Janse Lecture Series are charged with the mission to challenge and energize regulators. Like Dr. Janse, they’re encouraged to envision the future of chiropractic and share both the inspiration and the hard truths of that vision.

Dr. McAulay’s lecture titled “A Way Out of the Dilemma?” addressed the idea of creating a social movement for chiropractic. Looking back at social movement models, Dr. McAulay related the environmental movement with opportunities to use this same type of model in chiropractic.

“The environmental movement pushed for things like recycling, conserving water, and celebrating Earth Day, which has become mainstream and has encouraged people to get involved in improving and protecting our environment,” said Dr. McAulay. “With a unifying vision for a spinal health and wellness movement, we can implement a similar model in chiropractic.”

He encouraged the audience to develop a shared commitment around the vision, lead the provision of spinal health and wellness for the American public, and create an understanding among Americans of the importance of spinal health and wellness-linking chiropractic care to improved health.

“Social attitudes toward health care are moving toward measures that are safe, effective, cost-efficient, and accessible,” said Dr. McAulay. “These are the same values the chiropractic profession has embraced for over a century.”

Dr. McAulay also discussed strategies and tactics for the movement, including developing a cadre of public policy experts, creating and implementing a social media strategy, embracing today’s culture, expanding a public health presence, developing consistent messaging and branding, increasing research, and more.

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