Chiropractic Television

An interesting pattern has been emerging on the major television networks in the USA. According to a news report on Planet Chiropractic, Monday night featured 3 prime time TV shows that involved actors playing roles as chiropractors.

The shows (in order they appeared for broadcast) are Everybody Hates Chris, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and Two and a Half Men. All 3 shows are filmed in Los Angeles, CA. Everybody Hates Chris is filmed on the Paramount Studios lot @ 5555 Melrose Ave in Hollywood. The other two, The New Adventures of Old Christine and Two and a Half Men are filmed on the Warner Brothers Burbank Studios lot @ 4000 Warner Boulevard in Burbank.

I’ve worked on both of these lots and I’ll tell you making TV shows does not appear to be easy work. First there is the drive. Driving anywhere in LA can be hell. My chiropractic office is located closer to the Sony lot in Culver City and I end up there more frequently but I’ve made calls to Paramount and sometimes Burbank. For those that work there everyday, they are on their feet loooong hours. They work inside big warehouses that are always hot and dusty. In comparison, my work is easy and for me it’s like being a kid in a candy shop. Every time I’ve come onto sets I’ve been treated very well by cast and crew. They have big layouts of food known as craft services (which everyone is tired of but me) and everyone wants to make sure I’m eating enough.

While others are running around with headsets, radios, tool belts, and such, I’m the guy eating the Twizzlers, having a Dr. Pepper, and maybe one of those Lattes you make in those automated Latte making machines. It’s a tough job and I’m just the right person to do it!