Continuing Education and Running Reno

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Ask any chiropractor that’s sat for 12 hours or more doing continuing education and they’ll likely tell you they’d rather be doing something else, especially since most chiropractors tend to take continuing education courses on weekends. Earlier in June I was in Reno Nevada for the California Chiropractic Association annual convention and chiropractic relicensing seminars. It was a three day event which featured quite a few opportunities for relicensing hours which translates into sitting for long periods of time inside a hotel casino conference room. I get stir crazy when inside for long periods of time and not getting to breathe outside air. Fortunately I traveled with my iPhone and running shoes.

paved path along truckee riverPaved path along the Truckee River – Reno Nevada

The event was at the Grand Sierra Resort, which is real close to the Reno airport and adjacent to the Truckee River. I found this semi-paved path running alongside the river which was easy to get to from the hotel (only a few hundred yards away). The pathway starts around 2nd Street nearby a sign that says Welcome: The city of Sparks.

established in 1905

It is a short path but taking a walk or jog along it beats sitting all day inside the casino and/or conference rooms. The river is actually quite pretty in areas, and I managed to pause my work out long enough to take photos of the river and landmarks seen along the way for two different runs I did while in town.

Truckee River Reno NevadaTruckee River Reno Nevada

Like I said, the path is kind of short  and I wanted to get some miles and so I decided to head out  can see some scenes around the Reno area. I don’t recommend running on the streets with your earbuds in but I sure do love running with my iPhone. With it I’ve got a map, compass, Nike training, and ability to take photos that mark location. Almost makes running more fun than it already is.

I headed out on a 6 mile loop from the Grand Sierra down 2nd Street towards downtown Reno. I turned onto Virginia Street near Harrah’s Casino and fortunately parts of the street were closed for a car show (makes it easier for running in the middle-of-the-road). I paused to snap a photo of the neon Reno street sign and headed on down the road.

Biggest Little city in the worldReno – the biggest little city in the world

Also right there on N. Virginia St. I noticed that the Silver Legacy Casino had its established date at the Hotel Casino entrance. I find it interesting how many things I how found over the years that were established the same year.

established 1895 Silver LegacyEstablished in 1895 – Silver Legacy Casino

Guess what else was established in 1895? That’s right chiropractic fans, according to historical reports, DD Palmer made the first chiropractic adjustment on September 18 of 1895. Seeing this sign I figured it was a good time to make the loop back to the hotel and continue on with my weekend of chiropractic education. I like how I could be just running along and happen to come across a sign that says established in 1895. Don’t see much of that where I live in Los Angeles, since my neighborhood was pretty much marshland during those days.

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  1. A tech guy like you and you’re running with the iPhone and not using the RunKeeper app?!? Check out the free version, but the paid version is worth the $10 to give you distance/pace info over the headphones. Your running route is automatically uploaded to the web when finished. I sold my garmin after using this for two weeks. You can even take pictures along the route and it will tag them on the location of your run.

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